Monday, July 25, 2016

UP RE 12th Plan Rs.7,282 Cr - Exp Rs.1,809 Cr or 25% - RS Q
July25, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh

Piyush Goyal is EXTREME DULLARD – I was watching Rajya Sabha Question
about Rural Electrification. He misled RS on UP electrification.

It is laughable – BRPL peak load served is about 2400 MW for 6m
Population and Connected load is 10,000 MW but UP that has 200m
Population has peak demand of around 12,000 MW or 5 Times for 34 More

Under DDUGJY Projects worth Rs.6,946 Cr Were Approved But Rs.6,549 Cr
or 94% Was On Grid Separation / Strengthening

UP RE 12th Plan Budget Rs.7,282 Cr – Expenditure Rs.1,809 Cr
I was stunned to find that 12th Plan Expenditure approved by Ministry
of Power for Rural Electrification was Rs.7,282 cr only when so much
electrification was required in UP. But expenditure under DDUGJY was
only Rs.1,809 Cr only up to May31, 2016.

New projects DDUGJY Grid: 75 projects with a cost of Rs 6946.87 Crores
have been sanctioned under DDUGJY as per detail below;

UEV Electrification works : Rs.9.52 Cr;
Feeder segregation: Rs.3257.70 Cr
System Strengthening & RHHs: Rs.3291.32Cr
Metering : Rs.294.05 Cr;
SAGY : Rs.59.73 Cr;
PMA charges : Rs.34.56 Cr

RE is reported to be 99% already – Achievement of 12th Plan
    Intensive Village Electrification is only 9% and
    BPL Households in UP is just 4%,
    94% of Expenditure Was On Grid Separation & Strengthening

Government is WASTING Public Money On Bullet Trains, Expressways, EHT
Lines to Transmit ADANI-TATA Power to East.
There is Already 80,000 MW Surplus Generating Power.
Railway Minister is Running TALGO Trains on Existing Tracks –
Compromising Mail & Express Train Service.

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