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Burmese journalists remain behind bars

Reporters Without Borders released its 2008 Annual Report, in which systematic abuses of freedom of the press inside Burma are chronicled.

According to the group, the working conditions for journalists in Burma significantly deteriorated from mid-August of last year, when the first protests materialized in response to unannounced energy price hikes.

The report notes that 15 journalists were arrested as a result of covering the protests, while Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai was killed and other foreign correspondents closely monitored.

Raising the cost of a satellite license from five to 800 dollars, pulling the plug on the Internet and restricting the sale of foreign periodicals in the days and months following the protests are all listed in the year’s summary as examples of infringements against media rights.

Additionally, Reporters Without Borders is concerned as to restrictions on mobile phones, used during the protests and subsequent crackdown to take pictures and video.

Nine journal…

Pado Manh Sha Myanmar leader assassinated in Thailand

Bangkok:Prominent Leader of pro democracy movement in Myanmar"s Karen National Union who was also a key figure in the democracy movement was assassinated on Thursday at his home in Thailand, Thai police said.

Pado Manh Sha, 65, was the Karen Nationa Union secretary general based in the town of Mae Sot in Thailand. He was a critic of Myanmar"s military regime who coordinated between the ethnic Karen and the democracy movement in the Myanmar.

"His relatives who witnessed the killing said the first man went up to greet Pado Manh Sha while he was resting, but then shot him once. A second man came up and shot him again," Passawat said.

Pado Manh Sha could have been killed by a Karen splinter group or assassins ordered by the military as reported in the media.Political analyst says,It could be KNU internal problems as the Christian KNU and Buddhist groups battles with splinter group called the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA).

KNU is in embattled with Myanmar"…