Saturday, April 30, 2011

A call for constitution reform

My dear friends,
I have given a call for constitution reform I am not a Anna or Baba
Ram deo, The fight against corruption will be flop with time, because
only Lokayukta bill is not sufficient, it will be according to the
constitution, which we have adopted after indepence, when India was
immature republic, People were suffering from povert and iliteracy.
Now India is mature republic and people have awaken for their right.
Now we are not shephard whom any one can drive in one direction.
We have been taught that Aryan came from out side, and Vedic hymns are
shephard's song?
Accordingly, Hindu and muslim conflict has been raised with conspiracy
of the British rulers. The political parties have compromised with
this on the name of vote bank under secularism. Although India is
secular from time immemorial under 'eternal religion' Hindu is term
for Indians only, It is not a ritualistic religion as compared to the
Christian or Muslim, On the name of the so called 'Hindu religion' the
Britishers have divided India and Indians. The political parties have
compromized with this to rule over the country. The politicians are
actual rulers now, why they will try to bring the truth in light?
Their base of vote bank is secularism - Dharma-nirpekshata and
Hindutva, both are only the weapon to attract the vote bank with false
Accordingly lord Mcalley has given the education policy and British
Govt. has constututed the constitution, which we have adopted after
independence. In this refrence we are still mental slave of the
Btritishers? We have not taken the cogninzence of this, and could not
find the solution for national integrity and ethics. Under
Parliamentary democracy and bureaucracy the corruption has spread in
all direction. First Indians should know their great cultural
heritage, than the constitution reform should be there. Otherwise
mushroom groth of political parties to cash the corruption issue of
Anna and Baba Ramdeo will be the issues of the political parties also
for the vote bank. Again we will be on same platform, Govt. of any
party or allience will rule over the country with divide and rule
We should prepare the public for the presidential system of Govt. with
lesser political parties with international and national ethics.
The Antiquity of India in Vedic Science

Dr. C.P. Trivedi

Why we need a constitution reform?

Dear friends, fellow son’s and daughter’s of India,

Why we need a constitution reform? The question may be in your mind.
Please read it seriously and you will realize the need of constitution

We have been taught that Arya came from out side and Hindu is a
religion, The Vedas are songs of the shephards? We are moving round
the same unknowingly.

The most important branches of any country are education, medical, and
judiciary, they form the back bone of a Nation, In India, the
education Institutes, Medical, and judiciary are in the sphere of
Otherwise the 10 % commission is a culture of scam and corruption
every where, which has taken a shape just like a legal right every
where. It is managed by the caucus in the different departments.
Its full burden is on the Indian public, we all are the victims of the
same, and our future generation also will face the same.

India is passing through a crucial period with scams and corruption.
To blame any one is a political conspiracy, because no one can say
that he is not corrupt, as a voter in democracy we all are part in
background. India is a mature republic in the world with great
cultural heritage. When the constitution was framed India was immature
republic, people were suffering from poverty, illiteracy and communal
tension due to bifurcation of India on the name of so called hindu

Now India is mature responsible democratic country in the world, the
public is mature and mostly literate with their integrity in the
nation. Now the facts which we have acquired that ‘Hindu is not a
religion from remote past, it was a fabricated word of foreigners.

India is secular under ‘eternal religion’ from time immemorial with
spiritual freedom, so secularism should be redefined.
The Vedas are the oldest literary monuments of the human civilization
on the earth. They were beyond the reach of the scholars. And with
the discovery of Ancient Indus Valley Civilization by Sir John
Marshal, it has been concluded that Aryans came from out side, and the
Vedic hymns are barbarian shephard’s songs? Bcause Indus Valley was
scientifically developed and Indian rural culture was not in tune with
scientifically developed Indus Valley.
Now the seals have been deciphered and the Vedic hymns have been
decoded. It reveals the fact that Vedic metaphors have been engraved
on the seals. They explore their scientific achievements in the field
of ‘Biotechnology’ and DNA in particular, with its scientific literary
evidences in the Vedic hymns.

Now we have the answer that Vedas are the books of Science, where
The knowledge has been expressed in metaphors and riddles.
The Aryan means well cultured, the Aryans are native of India. Hindu
is not a religion as advocated by the foreigners.

We should avoid to blame particularly to Honourable Man Mohan Singh or
Sonia Gandhi, Dr.Man Mohan Singh is a honest man and Mrs. Sonia is
serving like Anny Bessent, they are serving the nation with their
limitations, and the backbone of the congress and the India at
present. Otherwise mushroom growth of the political parties may have
done havoc.

If we want to remove them from the power is only to give way for other
(UPA OR NDA). It will not solve the problem? To rule over the country
is their motto, on the name of secularism or on the name of Hindu?
They are doing their job following British conspiracy to divide and
rule after independence.

The main cause of corruption and scam is parliamentary democracy and
the present bureaucratic system. Under this the system of education is
responsible for the present situation of chaos in India, no ethics, no
regards for the Indian culture and human values.

It is not out of way to explore that the main principle of congress is
secularism, and Hindu agenda is the principle of BJP. “ the Hindu is
not a religion” on which ground secularism and Hindutva are Political
slogan on the name of minority and majority. Due to this the
minorities and low caste have been considered as foreigners, so as to
satisfy them with reservation? It is a vote bank policy only.
The demand of the resignation of the PM, or inquiry by JPC are only to
divert the public from the root cause of the scam, and its
beneficiaries. The demand of Lok Ayukta bill is a mirage to check the
corruption, it may be a political movement to acquire power in the
The eternal truth is one and the same for all. It is not a illusion.
The same is the Creator as Universal Soul, and the consciousness in
the physical body is known as Soul. The fundamental energy, from where
the creation came into the existence, to it the scientists call as
Gravitational force is the eternal truth of all religion.
The basic fact of all Religion

The God and Soul is a scientific fact. We can not divide it with name.
The fundamental energy - gravitational force is the omnipotent,
omnipresent, omniscient God and Soul of the religious scriptures. The
life energy known as gravitational force, appears at its own with the
movement of the sap in the cell body in the first cell with birth. It
maintains its continuity with cell division. With ageing and death of
the physical cell body, it disappears at its own.

The concept of the Religious scriptures that one has to face the
consequences of his deeds is also having a scientific base. The DNA is
universally present in the living-beings. It records the deeds of an
individual in its language code. The DNA is immortal through cell
division. Accordingly one has to face the consequences of his deeds
with opening of the language on the DNA in the womb. Accordingly under
the laws of God and Soul, an individual lead a new life with birth,
with repercussions of his deeds of his previous birth. It is known as
fate or Prarabdh. Due to this even the time twins have different
At cellular level we all are related with each other with common
ancestry in DNA.
A call for the constitution reform is the need of our nation.


A call for the constitution reform is the need of our nation. The
needed reforms.

1. We all should come forward unanimously for the amendment in the
constitution that “ The eternal truth is one and the same for all, we
trust in it.” So that in future no such problem can be raised.
Secularism should be redefined with reference to ‘eternal religion’
Hindu is not a religion in remote past. It is a foreigner’s slogan.
India has a caste based society. The spiritual freedom is the identity
of India.

2. India should switch over to Presidential system of Govt. from
Parliamentary system. The religious conversion is motivated by the
vote bank policy, it influences the local elections of the Member of
parliament, hence the political parties either support or oppose it.
It can be checked by the Presidential system, and direct voting for
the President and C.M of the state. It can check the mushroom growth
of the political parties also, who have no national agenda.
3. To stop the corruption and scam, there must be a law to acquire and
seize the property of culprits immediately with imprisonment.
4. The 2G scam has shaken the country , it require nationalization of
the telecommunication sectors immediately to check the movement.
5. To recover the black money the 500/ and 1000/ currency should be
cancelled with immediate effect.

Keep in mind that all political parties will be against this? Shri
Anna Hazare should prepare the Indians for constitution reforms, not
only for ‘Lok Ayukta bill’ only. Lok Ayukta bill may be political
agenda of the politicians. If system will be changed than the foreign
money will come back to India easily with restoration of ethics.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Karan Thapar interview with Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Thapar: Let’s come to some of the anomalies of the situation. We are all praising the way the Supreme Court has reached out and brought people to justice or is beginning the process. But there are some anomalies. For instance, if three top people from Reliance are arrested and jailed, is it odd that Anil Ambani is not touched at all?

Swamy: It’s not odd because it’s a question of sequencing. I think our judicial system has a capacity. We have many chargesheets coming and it’s not necessary that they should be in the first chargesheet or second chargesheet. I think the evidence gets built when you start putting the people who did the nitty-gritty of the operations and then get evidence from them. I think it will lead to a situation and I am 100% certain that Mr Anil Ambani and Mr Tata will see the insides of a jail.
Thapar: You are sure of that?
Swamy: I am absolutely certain.
Thapar: It’s so important things that I am going to repeat it, it will lead to a situation where you are 100% certain that Anil Ambani and Ratan Tata will see the inside of a jail.
Swamy: Yes.
Thapar: Not as visitors, but as people who are arrested?
Swamy: Certainly not as visitors, maybe you as visitor, but not them.
Thapar: Let me quote to you what Prashant Bhushan said in the Supreme Court yesterday and I am quoting from today’s Times of India, “How is it possible in a situation where Reliance’s finances over Rs 1,000 crore in Swan and it is hived off to Shahid Balwa’s firm and only three paid employees of Reliance were involved? The person, who is the Chairman of the company, holds the key to investigation into the Swan-Reliance muddle.” Prashant Bhushan was arguing in the Supreme Court that in fact Anil Ambani on these grounds should be arrested. How do you respond to that?
Ranina: I won’t say with any certainty. But I think there is a strong possibility. As far as Ratan Tata is concerned, I think maybe it’s a separate issue because he is more involved in so many other matters and one has to prove that he was privy to the decision that was taken for such type of investment. So, it’s a matter of fact, it’s a matter of going into the evidence.
Thapar: If I understand you correctly, you are saying it’s a strong possibility in the case of Anil Ambani. You are not so sure in the case of Ratan Tata. Have I summed you up correctly?
Ranina: Yes, that’s right.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy on draft Report of the PAC

April 27, 2011.

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,

President of the Janata Party.

I fully endorse and welcome the draft Report of the Public Accounts Committee prepared under the Chairmanship of the former Union Minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi.

The principal conclusions of the draft PAC Report are –

(1) that the bureaucrats of the PMO failed to keep the Prime Minister in the loop on the process of decision making by the Ministry of Communications & IT; (2) the Finance Minister (Mr. P. Chidambaram) and the Telecom Minister (Mr. Raja) erroneously decided the price of Spectrum at the very low price of 2001, and that it is a complex subject and hence in future it should be left to the TRAI; (3) that the Government should cancel all the 2G licenses so far allotted to nine companies since January 10, 2008.

These three conclusions are what I had argued in the Supreme Court wherein I held the Prime Minister as a powerless person but not culpable in the 2G Scam; (2) that Mr. P. Chidambaram is as culpable in causing the loss to the nation of Rs.l.76 lakh crores as Mr. Raja was and who has already been indicted for and is in prison; (3) that all the 2G licenses should be cancelled forthwith and fresh auction be held for the same.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


New Delhi (26.04.2010): The Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) demanded a strong and firm stand from the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh in favour of the ban on ‘endosulfan’ at the current meeting of the Stockholm Convention.

The Secretary General of SIO, PM Salih was addressing a gathering during the anti-endosulfan demonstration at Jantar Mantar after the protest march from Kerala House to Jantar Mantar. He expressed surprise and grief that though majority countries during the 6th Meeting of Stockholm Convention called for a ban on Endosulfan, India opposed this move. Salih reiterated, “More than 80 coun tries in the world today have banned the manufacture, sales and use of endosulfan due to its ill effects, but India is yet to take a decision.” He further said, “We demand that the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh should take a firm stand and favour the ban of endosulfan”.

Prof. A.K. Ramakrishnan, professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Rama Pillai from the Greenpeace Foundation, Mohd. Akhlaq of the Association for Protection of Civil Rights, Ravi Agarwal from Toxicon Link, Adv Shakir Jamil, Adila Shoaib, P.K. Noufal of the Solidarity Youth Movement, Kerala and Anis-ur-Rahman, Zonal President, SIO Delhi Zone spoke at the occasion.

A memorandum was submitted to the Prime Minister alongwith 1 lakh signatures collected from the Indian expatriates in Saudi Arabia by Thanima Kala Samskarika Vedi in favour of banning Endosulfan. The protest was jointly organized by Solidarity Youth Movement - Kerala, Students Islamic Organisation of India, Association for Protection of Civil Rights, Delhi Malayali Solidarity, etc.


Fali S. Nariman:Nothing will be done unless “Civil Society” takes it up.

When asked why the two days conference at India international center didn’t talk about the effectiveness of the Lok Pal to ensure restitution of monies stacked abroad?

In my stint in the Rajya Sabha I had repeatedly drawn attention of the Government benches, of the huge amounts stacked abroad and the need to do something about it. Everyone congratulated me on the intervention but nothing was done. In one of my speeches I had also suggested nationalisation of all accounts held in Swiss Banks with a provision that moneys legitimately there would be paid back by the Custodian of the nationalised accounts in Banks in Switzerland to the holders – It was met with silence. But there was no positive response from the Government (neither the BJP Government nor the UPAI Government.

So take heart NOTHING WILL BE DONE – unless the wow-much maligned expression “Civil Society” takes it up.

Fali S. Nariman

Monday, April 25, 2011

Civil Society Draft of Lok pal Bill Round table discussion

The major points agreed up on in this meeting is

1 ) Judiciary should be probed equally but under another independent arm but not as part of Lokpal. Agreed unanimously.
2 ) On including PM the board was divided
3 ) Every higher authority should come under its purview.

Even the educated/aware crowd being susceptible to rhetoric instead of substance is very disheartening.


Save Maharashtra from being a Chernobyl: SIO

New Delhi (24.04.2011): The Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) standing in solidarity with the mass movement of the people of Jaitapur and Maharashtra has demanded to the Government of India to ‘Save Maharashtra from being a Chernobyl’.
The President of SIO, Mohd. Azharuddin Said, “the nation has seen the effects of the worst of chemical disasters in the country as an aftermath of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, from which the city is yet to recover. We do not wish for any such calamities and disasters for our brethren. It would be genocide if the Government of India would implement its decisions knowing the impacts of the emergency situation. We demand that Maharashtra be saved from being the next Chernobyl of the world.”
The activists sharing their concerns pointed towards the vast agricultural land that is acquired to build the project. Also the fear of contamination of the water table is a major concern amongst the activists opposing the Jaitapur Nuclear project.
In wake of the catastrophic accident at Fukushima, Japan which has unfolded the disasters of nuclear plants in times of emergency, SIO alongwith other organizations is demanding scrapping of the plans to set up nuclear power plants across the country and instead harvest the fruits of eco-friendly resources of energy.
The Fukushima accident has forced the Japanese government to evacuate an area of 20 kms from the plant; while the US has recommended an 80-km no-go zone to its citizens. Tens of thousands of people are being evacuated; the number could cross a few lakhs. The Japanese government has increased the severity of the accident to the highest level of seven, the same level as that of Chernobyl. The Chernobyl accident seriously contaminated an area as big as Maharashtra.
While four lakh people were evacuated, the many millions who continue to live in this region know that they are forever contaminated, that they could develop cancer anytime, that their children and grand children and great grand children could be born with severe birth defects. However, the government of India is hell-bent on pursuing its nuclear power expansion program, including setting up a string of nuclear plants all along India's coast. The biggest of these is coming up in the earthquake-prone region of Jaitapur, in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lokpal bill to be enacted soon: Moily

(PTI) Eminent lawyer Shanti Bhushan today refused to comment on the CD controversy which has led to a certain section demand his resignation from the joint committee to draft the Lokpal Bill."I do not want to give any interview. I don't want to talk (on the issue)," Bhushan said when reporters asked him for comments on the CD controversy.
Law Minister M Veerappa Moily today said the proposed Lokpal bill will be enacted soon.Inaugurating a convention of Southern State Advocates and Human Rights? Delegates, he declined to comment further on the issue.

He said speedy redress of cases was still a major challenge before the judiciary. To tackle this problem, the Union Government has decided to establish rural and mobile courts at a cost of Rs 5,000 crore each and Rs 935 crore will be released for setting up e-courts.

He also said more lawyers will be recruited to all courts in the state.

The convention was organised here jointly by Legal and Human Rights? Department and Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shanti Bhushan :Smear Capaign continues

(PTI) A fresh controversy involving anti-corruption campaigner Shanti Bhushan broke out today over allotment of priced farmhouse plots to him and his son Jayant in nearby Noida and demands have cropped for the lawyer's resignation from the joint committee to draft the Lokpal Bill.Prashant termed it smear campaign to malign their family.

Congress and Samajwadi Party questioned the allotment of farmhouses to Bhushans and suggested that Shanti Bhushan should withdraw himself from the Joint Committee to draft Lokpal Bill.The controversy arose after reports were published today that the Bhushans has been allotted 10,000 sq metre plots valued at Rs 3.5 crore each to them by the UP government in 2009.Both the Bhushans were quoted in a newspaper that there was no transparency in the scheme and allotments were made without any clear criterion.
Amar Singh contradicts Shanti Bhushan's claim said in the continuing war of words with the Bhushans, Amar Singh today dismissed the claim of eminent lawyer Shanti Bhushan that the two have never met and that he had used his chartered aircraft to go to Lucknow for appearing in a case.

Addressing a press conference here, he said that he had participated in a lawyer-client conference in the Samajwadi Party case when some BSP MLAs had joined it in 2006, in which he had a role.The party also paid the lawyer Rs 50 lakh to fight the anti-defection case.PTI

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jyrki Katainen PM contenders Finns Nationalist party gains

Nationalist True Finns make gains in Finland vote and True Finns leader Timo Soini celebrates with supporters at the party's reception in Helsinki, Finland, 17 April 2011 Timo Soini's True Finns have more than quadrupled their support since 2007.

A nationalist party has taken nearly a fifth of votes in Finland's general election, the electoral commission says.The True Finns finished just behind the conservative NCP and the Social Democrats on around 19%.While the Social Democrats have called for changes on EU bail-outs, including the planned Portuguese rescue, True Finns opposes the plans altogether.

Finland's parliament,has the right to vote on EU requests for bailout funds, political party with new set could hold up fiscal plans to shore up Portugal for supporting stability to debt markets.The strong gains for the populist True Finns lagging in third place show immense public frustration in anvil of EU states with stronger economies, notably Germany, at having to foot the bill to bail out the weaker economies such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal.The biggest party, the NCP is tipped to lead the next government with former Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen likely to become prime minister of whatever coalition emerges, replacing Mari Kiviniemi of the Centre Party.The anti-immigration True Finns won 39 seats in the 200-member parliament, final results showed.That put it five seats behind the conservative National Coalition Party (NCP) part of the current centre-right government and a strong advocate for European integration and just three behind the opposition Social Democrats.The Centre Party previously the largest party in parliament won thirty five seats, down sixteen from the last election in 2007.The strong showing for the True Finns meant the anti-euro party would at least "get an invitation to talks" on a new government, Reuters quoted party leader Timo Soini as saying.Celebrating the NCP's success, Jyrki Katainen played down suggestions that Finland would now cause difficulties for the eurozone.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Libya: battle continues

Libya, fierce battle is reported between the rebels and Gaddafi forces in the western besieged town of Misurata. For the third day in a row, troops loyal to Gaddafi shelled Misurata with at least 100 Grad rockets.

Libyan troops, which have besieged the coastal town for over six weeks, pounded Misurata yesterday also killing at least eight people. Seven other civilians, including children and older people, were wounded in that attack. Human Rights Watch has accused the Libyan regime of firing cluster bombs into residential areas.

Renewed fighting erupted near the key eastern town of Ajdabiya, where rebels, bolstered by NATO air strikes, are regrouping on the road to the oil town of Brega, 80-km west of Ajdabiya.

Controversy ahead of meet on Lok Pal

Nksagar-Sagar Media Inc:New Delhi
At a press conference in Noida, activists Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal alleged that a "concerted smear" campaign has been launched against them to benefit the corrupt people.Controversy broke out over a CD involving eminent lawyer Shanti Bhushan as civil society activists and five senior Union ministers meet here to discuss drafting of an effective Lok Pal Bill to tackle corruption in government.

Civil society five member team is not making an efforts to listen to other intellectuals on the issue of Lokpal Bill. Anybody when gives inputs ask the member to fill in suggestion in their website thus stopping the interaction to me it appears that entire team is ignorant of the subject what is interaction and transparency and thus behaving like
babus class of knowing everything and elite
behaving busy.

The activists led by Anna Hazare, who called off his fast-unto-death agitation last week after government conceded his demand for a Joint Drafting Committee on the legislation, were at pains to declare that they had nothing to hide and offered themselves for any probe into allegations against them.

PTI reports Anna Hazare called off his fast demanding a stronger Lokpal law, the joint committee to draft the bill met here today for the first time amid a controversy over a CD allegedly involving eminent lawyer and panel co-chairman Shanti Bhushan.

The meeting chaired by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee was held at North Block and attended by Ministers P Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, M Veerappa Moily and Salman Khurshid and Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Santosh Hegde, Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan from the civil society side.

The deliberations came in the backdrop of a controversy over a CD in circulation which purpotedly has conversations with senior Bhushan, a former Law Minister, and politicians Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh. Bhushan has termed the CD as "clearly fabricated".

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dikshit promises full cooperation to MHA Shunglu probe

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Thursday promised to extend "full cooperation" to the Home Ministry if it seeks any reply from her government on the findings of the CWG probe panel. "We have not received any communication from the Home Ministry so far. We will extend our full cooperation if they seek our response (on the Shunglu committee report)," Dikshit said when asked whether government has received any communication from Home Ministry. Sources said all the city government officials whose names figure in the Shunglu Committee report have been told to submit their response in writing to the government. Prime Minister's Office earlier this month had referred the Shunglu Committee findings on alleged irregularities by certain Delhi government departments to the Home Ministry for further action.

Home Ministry is likely to seek reply from Khanna and Dikshit and other agencies concerned,held responsible by the panel for lack of oversight and decisions that led to cost escalation.Rejecting the Shunglu committee report, Delhi government had termed the findings as a "product of paranoia" which is "full of contradictions" and "anomalies".

In its brief report to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in response to the findings of the Shunglu Committee, the city government last month had rejected almost all the findings of the panel and instead accused it of deliberately choosing to adopt a logic of "convenience" in finding corruption in every policy and every tender of the government.The BJP has been demanding resignation of Dikshit in the wake of the report by the high powered committee.The administration of Delhi, being a Union Territory, comes under the control of Home Ministry.Media agencies

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kerala 74 pc Assembly polls

Kerala,an estimated 74.4 per cent of voters exercised their franchise on Wednesday as voting ended peacefully in all the 140 assembly segments across the state.
According to provisional figures released by Election Commission after polling ended at 5 pm, a total of 74.4 per cent of the 2.31 crore electorate cast their votes, exceeding the 2006 poll percentage of 72.38.Kannur district topped in the turnout recording 80.4 per cent followed by Kozhikode (80.2) and Alappuzha and Ernakulam with 77.8 and 77.4 per cent.The lowest voter participation was reported from Pathanamthitta (68.2) and the capital district Thiruvananthapuram (68.5) In Palakkad district, where Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan is contesting in Malampuzha segment, the turnout was 75.3 per cent.The battle to gain power in the state is keenly fought between ruling LDF and Congress-led UDF with BJP making the contest three-cornered one in at least two seats. In all, 971 candidates are in the fray, including Independents.No major incidents of violence or malpractices had been reported from anywhere, police said.In the LDF, lead partner CPI-M is contesting in 93 seats, CPI (27),JD-S (5), RSP, NCP (4 each), Kerala Congress, INL (three each) and Congress-S (1).

In the UDF, Congress has fielded 82 candidates followed by IUML (24), KC-M (15), SJD (6), JSS (4), KC-J, CMP (3 each), KC-B (2) and RSP-B (1).Key players include Acuthanandan, seeking mandate for the third time and UDF's chief ministerial probable Oommen Chandy from Puthuppally in Kottayam, from where he has won nine times in a row.Besides Achuthanandan, 14 ministers are seeking fresh mandate, eight from CPI-M, two from CPI, one each from RSP, Congress-S, Janata Dal-S and Kerala Congress (Thomas).BJP is pinning its hopes on senior leader O Rajagopal, contesting in Nemom to open its account in the assembly.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cracks in civil society

Apr 9 (PTI) Difference of opinion has cropped up among the civil society groups over the inclusion of father-son lawyers duo Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan in the committee to draft the Lokpal Bill.Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who was one of the prominent backers of the agitation, said in Haridwar why there was nepotism in the committee of civil society.

"Why is there nepotism in there committee? Why both father and son are accommodated in the committee"? he said.Hazare, however, disagreed with him. At a press conference in Delhi, he said "you can level any allegations against me. I am a person who follows Gandhian principles.Nothing wrong in having two members of the same family in the panel. We need experience. We need expertise".

Friday, April 8, 2011

Anna Hazare and Government show on

Anna Hazare and Government show on
2011-04-07 20:29:28 - Nksagar_Sagar Media Inc:Imperialist created a system to suit the inner and those out of the system with no powers: What a method of loot or money laundering experts says the laws are there but results are in far flung for him to enjoy and can be punished but no provision of recovery of loot money so is the case of stashed money abroad:

Indian system with balant hope on which we breathe has decomposed to foul smell and hear the business with anecdote of scams every now and then and the scam-er show the strength with law remain dormant:Thus an act to show the every thing is in development keeps people hope ignited:Lokpal Bill music being played by the protesters are all in mood of protests but do not discuss further beyond their ambit thus second layer of self style leadership developed to which many are raising their intention: With Anna's goodwill to get the draft of law is their ultimate goal to weed out corruption is again a folly:Each authority from local level to International needs civil -Intellectual observation:Parliament debate begins after public discourse which continue after floor debate too:
Parallel meeting was held with transparency and accountability at VIF Chankyapuri New Delhi but the peoples were raising criticism but no solutions were allowed to discuss and let up for next day such wonderful people because of their own solutions for next day - one is searching freedom of corruption from them Those of yesteryear's now in freedom looks for freedom when did not work for freedom enjoyed the fruits of being parasite enslave of the cult they follow: -Imperialist created a system to suit the inner and those out of the system with no powers: What a method of loot or money laundering experts says the laws are there but results are in far flung for him to enjoy and can be punished but no provision of recovery of loot money so is the case of stashed money abroad:

Thus Government on Thursday opened a channel of communication with anti-corruption protestors led by Anna Hazare with Union Minister Kapil Sibal meeting activists Swami Agnivesh and Arvind Kejriwal to find a way out on the demand for a joint committee on drafting Lokpal Bill.Sibal, who met the activists at his residence, said the broad parametres of solving the issue has been agreed upon."We have started a channel of communication. We met last evening. We met today also. The talks have been constructive...The formalities are yet to be agreed upon. We are meeting again," Sibal told reporters after the meeting.But he did not elaborate on what the formula is saying the attempt is that all are together. "We want to deal with corruption. We want to get rid of corruption. We want the civil society to participate. We have no problem with that," he said appealing to Hazare to call off the hunger strike.

"The objective of the government and civil society is to sit together and to deal with the issue of corruption effectively through an appropriate legislation," he said.Agnivesh said he will inform Hazare about the outcome of the talks which he described as "positive". "We will inform Hazare about the talks. The final decision will be his," he said.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

India playing impressie role in peace keeping: UN

United Nations says, India plays an important role in peace keeping during conflicts around the globe. UN Assistant Secretary General Anthony Banbury said, India had been the world body's partner in peacekeeping since 1956 and it will be strengthened in coming years.Addressing a Press conference in New Delhi, he described Indian military a highly professional force with full range of capabilities including engineering and aviation.Replying to a question, Special representative of UN Secretary General on sexual violence, Margot Wallstrom said that UN has a policy of 'Zero tolerance' against such acts. Media agencies

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Japan uses colour dye to trace radioactive leak

Emergency crews at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant are using a colour dye to trace the source of a radioactive leak. It is believed seven tonnes of water with 10,000 times higher radioactivity than normal is escaping from the plant every hour.Emergency crews have tried unsuccessfully to plug a crack in a concrete pit in the plant's second reactor.

There are also plans to dump 11,500 tonnes of radioactive water at sea to free up storage space at the plant. The official told reporters that highly radioactive waste water has been accumulated at turbine buildings at Fukushima Daiichi, especially at the reactor unit 2.There is a need to release already stored water in order to accept the additional waste water. He said the release would take place as soon as necessary preparations are made.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kazakhstan holds early presidential poll

Kazakhstan holds early presidential poll - Kazakhstan today holds an early presidential election that is widely expected to hand long-time President Nursultan Nazarbayev another term in office. The 70-year-old leader's current term ends in 2012, but he called for snap elections after rejecting a proposed referendum that would have extended his rule of one of the wealthiest Central Asian nations until 2020. He is expected to seek another term in 2016. Kazakhstan's main opposition leaders called for a voter boycott, saying there was not enough time to organize a meaningful campaign in time for the April 3 vote. Kazakhstan has never held an election deemed free and fair by international observers.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thein Sein, sworn in President

On Wednesday, Burma’s dictator, Than Shwe, officially disbanded the State Peace and Development Council, the body through which Burma’s dictators have ruled the country since 1997. The new President, Thein Sein, was sworn in.

However, the changes are more about re branding than reform. Dictatorship remains alive and well in Burma, guaranteed by a new Constitution and a new political structure.The new government is the final stage in the regime’s so-called ‘roadmap to democracy’, following the sham election last November. In reality, it is a transition from military to civilian dictatorship. The new parliament has no real power. Real power still lies firmly with the military and a new all-powerful body, the National Defence and Security Council.

This is history repeating itself. Burma’s first dictatorship began in 1962, led by General Ne Win. Ne Win also introduced a new constitution through a rigged referendum and rubber-stamp parliament.

The real facts on the ground are that there are no new freedoms, that human rights abuses continue, and that those ruling Burma clearly have no intention of introducing any genuine reforms to improve human rights or move towards democracy.

Taufel, Aleem Dar umpires for World Cup final

Australian Simon Taufel, a winner of five consecutive ICC Umpire of the Year awards, and Pakistan's Aleem Dar were today appointed as the on-field officials for the World Cup finals between India and Sri Lanka on Saturday.The match will be played at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.New Zealand's Jeff Crowe has been named the match referee. England's Ian Gould and Steve Davis of Australia will be the third and fourth umpires respectively:

Young Sunit Chowrasia edges ahead Young Sunit Chowrasia edges ahead with a gritty 70 in brutal conditions on day three   Udayan Man...