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Boris Nemtsov the wonder man Nemtsov was born in the southern Russian city of Sochi into the family of a construction official and a pediatrician on October 9, 1959. His family moved to the city of Gorky (now renamed Nizhniy Novgorod) while Nemtsov was still a boy.
He studied physics at a Gorky university under his maternal uncle Vilen Eidman, and later worked as a post-graduate student. Nemtsov published more than 60 scientific papers on quantum physics, thermodynamics and acoustics, with academic colleagues describing him as a gifted scientist.

Russian President Boris Yeltsin (second right), Chinese Premier Jiang Zemin (right) and First Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov (second left) after inking the Russian-Chinese statement on Yeltsin's visit to China, 1997 (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Rodionov) In the last years of the Soviet Union, Nemtsov pursued a political career as an elected member of parliament. During the early 1990s, he was appointed by Pr…
Statement By Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, AirAsia X Group CEO 27th February 2015
Since taking the helm as Group CEO of AirAsia X earlier this month, the new management team and I have been reviewing all aspects of the business to ensure that we have the best product and services in place for our guests.
During this process, we found an issue with our current refund system, which we had outgrown due to our rapid expansion. The situation was unfortunately been exasperated by the QZ8501 incident as well as the unforeseen delay in the Denpasar – Melbourne route approval, which has caused a backlog in the refund process.
We are now in the process of migrating our refund process to our global shared services office in Penang. Once the migration is completed on 16 March, our centralized refund team will be able to process the refund requests in less than 45 business days (excluding processing time from customers’ merchant banks).
We are also taking additional measures to improve productivity and to a…
32s33 seconds ago British Airways' owners have confirmed a 265% rise in annual profits to £601m
Dear Mr. Sagar

Please see my article written jointly with Geetima Das Krishna titled 'The Myth of Revenue Foregone..' which appeared in Mint newspaper on 26 February.

Your feedback is as always welcome.

Best/warm regards
Rajiv KumarThe myth of foregone revenueIt is dishonest to say tax giveaways are doled to private firms. States and citizens gain most from exemptionsThe issue of tax revenues foregone by the Union government has been raised repeatedly by eminent persons such as Amartya Sen and S. Gurumurthyand politicians such as Sitaram Yechury. It has become fashionable to raise this issue to castigate the government of the day for handing over vast sums of money to the private sector as tax concessions. Although official data makes it amply clear that the total amount of revenue foregone is made up of a variety of concessions vested interests, either mistakenly or dishonestly, cite the entire amount running into trillions of rupees as tax sops.Facts belie these assertions. Tota…
Prabhunovation seeks turnaround in railways
Railway Budget for the current year is novel in many ways. Departing from the usual routine of emphasising on laying of new tracks and raising passenger fares and prescribing slabs for freight rates, this year’s budgetary proposals concentrated more on the strategy for improving passenger service, amenities and safety; capacity expansion; decongestion of heavy haul routes and speeding up of trains; modernisation through extensive use of information technology; deployment of solar and renewable energy and waste management.
The Railway Budget is a part of trilogy of documents tabled in Parliament that includes a White Paper revealing the current status of country’s railways and Vision-2030 document that would soon follow. The Railway Minister Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has come out with a five-year action plan to transform the ailing Indian Railways that entails an investment of Rs 8,56,020 crore. The mega investment is slated to be…

 Italian court has sentenced famous Italian actress Ornella Muti to eight months in prison or a fine of 30,000 euros for skipping a play and faking a medical certificate to have dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin, local media reported. Court at Italian city of Pordenone found Muti guilty of aggravated fraud for faking a medical certificate to skip a play in the Verdi Theater in Pordenone on December 10, 2010. Muti asked the theater to change the date of the play in which she was performing, saying that she was ill. She provided a doctor’s note that stipulated five days of sick leave after having received 25, 000 euros in advance for the performance. However, on the day of the play she attended a charity dinner with then-Prime Minister Putin and American actor Kevin Costner in Russia’s St. Petersburg, il reported. Muti’s presence at the dinner was recorded on video. Following the eve…
Highlights of the Railway Budget 2015-16 Focus on cleanliness, safety and quality of life in journey
The budget highlighted the four goals for Indian Railways over next five years which include delivering a sustained and measurable improvement in customer experience, making Railways a safer means of travel, expanding Bhartiya Rail’s capacity substantially and modernising infrastructure and making Bhartiya Rail financially self-sustainable. It also stated five key drivers for execution strategy which includes adopting a medium term perspective, building partnerships with key stake holders to gain access to long term financing and technology from overseas, the private sector to improve last mile connectivity, expand fleet of rolling stock and modernize our station infrastructure, leveraging additional resources, revamping management practices, systems, processes and re-tooling of human resources and setting standards of Governance and Transparency.
Snapshot of Railway Budget 2015-16
The bud…