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King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, 91, has been admitted to hospital

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, 91, has been admitted to hospital

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Aam Aadmi Party chief spokesperson Yogendra Yadav issued the following statement on Tuesday, 30 December 2014 :
The AAP is opposed to the ordinance approved by the union cabinet on Monday to amend the Land Acquistion Act, 2013. The party has five major objections to this ordinance :  

1)  The amendment will nullify the hard earned gains of movements against forced acquisition and displacement. After a long struggle and negotiation, these movements had forced the government to agree to some basics:
* that the land acquisition must not take place without consent
* that land acquisition must not be permitted in multi-crop land where it goes against food security
* that acquisition must be preceded by an assessment of its impact not just on land owners but on the society as a whole
The government';s amendment would mean that now social Impact assessment, food security assessment & consent of 70% of land owners will not be required before acquiring land for five broad categories that the government has specified (more on these categories in point 2). Thus for all practical purposes, we are back to the draconian 1894 Act which peoples movements had fought to change.
2) The government proposes to exempt five categories of Acquisitions from the procedural requirements of the 2013 Act. These five categories are: defence, industrial corridors, rural infrastructure, affordable housing including housing for the poor and any infrastructure including social infrastructure in PPP mode where the land is owned by the government. Just look at these four categories and imagine what greedy builders, politicians and bureaucrats can do with these five categories. Basically they would be able to fit every acquisition under one of these five categories. so, in effect the Amendment annuls the Act itself.
3)  The Ordinance violates the basic spirit of why ordinance is needed. Ordinance route has been provided for in order to meet an emergency situation in-between two sessions of parliament. What was the emergency in this case? The next session is in the third week of February. Why could the government not wait till then?
4) The Act of 2013 was passed with support from most political parties including the BJP. The parliamentary Committee that cleared the bill was headed by Ms. Sumitra Mahajan, the current speaker. What has changed since then?
5) The Act has not got a fair chance so far. Most states have not framed Rules necessary for its implementation. How come it has been found to be impractical without even a trial?
The simple truth is that the BJP has decided to favour big business and industry in the hope that the farmers will not understand or challenge its move. The onus now is on the farmers to prove this government wrong


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Venezuelan economy enters recession, inflation tops 63%

31 12 2014
The Venezuelan economy has entered recession, after contracting for the third consecutive quarter. The Central Bank announced that the economy had shrank by 2.3 per cent in the third quarter of the year.
President Nicolas Maduro said the Venezuelan economy had been affected by political instability and dropping oil prices in international markets. He accused the United States of flooding the markets with oil as part of an economic war against Russia.
The central bank also said inflation had reached 63.6 per cent in the 12 months to November, one of the highest rates in the world. Mr Maduro announced a number of measures to boost economic growth and control inflation, including reforms to Venezuela’s currency control system.

#NutRage in the family:

31 12 2014

MS Dhoni’s retirement from Tests

31 12 2014

Dec 31,
Most of cricketers around the world has expressed surprise on the way MSD has resign, many called it an end of Dhoni cloud in BCCI.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, abbreviated MSD, who scored big name in Indian cricket and is famous for his enforced  decisions and opinions to many out of ethical context.His stellar confidence, iconic team mates at his disposal and his naive, cricketing batting limited technique  helped him to take chances to win laurels for Team Dhoni.
Lately as team talent slipped so MSD fell into his own trap. A man responsible for injecting his own team members finally get from Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Kaif the good wish to bring him luck ahead of his career.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni surprised cricketing world with his sudden announcement of retirement from Test cricket. Cricketers from across the world reacted with surprise and lavished praise on Dhoni’s decision to call it quit from the longer format. Teammates, friends and critics poured their hearts out on social media praising his decision.
Expressing views on Twitter, retired batting legend, Sachin Tendulkar, also a long-time teammate, congratulated him on his Test career and encouraged Dhoni to retain 2015 World Cup. In a Tweet former Indian Cricket team Test captain Anil Kumble boasted his test career and said well done to retire as a captain. will miss unique persona like M S Dhoni.

का क्रिकेट को योगदान आदरयोग्य है। वह सम्मानित खिलाड़ी हैं और लाखों खेल प्रेमियों को प्रेरित करते हैं: सर्बानंद सोनोवाल, खेल मंत्री
के बीच में की बल्लेबाज़ी और विकेटकीपिंग पर नज़र —
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Akhilesh Yadav : On a road trip from Safai to Lucknow,

31 12 2014
On a road trip from Safai to Lucknow, stopping and meeting lots of people as well as old party workers.
I am so thankful for the warmth that they are expressing. Enjoying khullar coffee with my daughter in Tirwa, Kannauj.

Fadnavis government trims security of top Cong, NCP politicians

31 12 2014
Fadnavis government trims security of top Cong, NCP politicians and their kin; including former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan
Fadnavis government trims security of top Cong, NCP politicians and their kin; including former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan


31 12 2014
Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 6.1
  • 29 Dec 2014 09:29:41 UTC
  • 29 Dec 2014 17:29:42 near epicenter
  • 29 Dec 2014 13:29:41 standard time in your timezone
Location 8.602N 121.504E
Depth 37 km
  • 112 km (69 mi) SSE of Cagayancillo, Philippines
  • 143 km (88 mi) NW of Titay, Philippines
  • 149 km (92 mi) NW of Ipil, Philippines
  • 152 km (94 mi) SW of Asia, Philippines
  • 666 km (412 mi) S of Manila, Philippines

DMRC Airport Line Not Serving Airline Passengers No Amenities

31 12 2014
December30, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh
DMRC Airport line which cost over $1.4b at 2010 exchange rate is Worst
in Passenger Amenities. Airline Passengers carry many suitcases but
there is no Trolley for them. Due to following deficiencies even
Airline or Airport Staff don’t use Airport Line. Not more than 10
Airline Passengers per train use Airport Line.
But worst of all Domestic Terminal 1 which is supposed to carry BULK
of Domestic airline passengers – 95% is not Connected by Delhi Metro
Airport Line.
As given in the arrival schedule of an airline from Dubai which is
just 2h30m flying distance arrival and departure could vary as much as
2 hours – 8:41 hrs and 10:35 hrs so Airport Line Could have reduced
congestion at airport due relatives arriving hours ahead of Exit of
their foreign or NRI guests and Zip through passengers to Dhaula Kuan
in 10 minutes.
Stations on the route are Copy of the conventional stations in layout
– Airline Passengers with luggage have to undergo Shifting of Luggage
at Ground, Mid Level and Platform level at all stations.
Instead of 5-8 Lifts of 20 People or 2 Tone Capacity, two for each
coach there is probably only one on 1 tone capacity.
At Dhaula Kuan which is on Interstate Bus Terminal and gate way to
West Delhi & South Delhi – no Cab Service and Porters are available
and In fact there is no Unloading Platform for Cabs to Load & Unload
Luggage. Shivaji Stadium and New Delhi stations of Airport line are in
congested areas difficult to reach and Aero City station is basically
one end of airport itself suitable for Five Star Hotels around it
without connection to other public transport.
No Arrival & Departure Info is provided in Delhi Metro Airport Line or
There is gauge difference also – Airport line is Standard Gauge 1.435m
whereas rest of DMRC lines have Broad Gauge lines 1.676m – due to this
Deficiency Trains of Airport Lines can’t operate on rest of DMRC
sections. Changeover is required at Dwarka Sector 21 to access
Noida-Vaishali line.
More Blunders – REMEDIES
DMRC now wants to extend this Lame Duck Line to Huda City Center in
Gurgaon. ‘The line is to be extended beyond Dwarka Sector 21 to IFFCO
Chowk in Gurgaon. The 12 km extension will have a 1.5-kilometre-long
(0.93 mi) underground section, while the rest will be elevated.’
1. Convert Airport Line to Broad Gauge and Directly Connect with Blue
Line 2. Connect Airport Line to Domestic Airport which is just 1 or
1.5 km. 3. Extension to Huda Center to have more Stations. 4. Add more
stations to Airport Lines and Changeover to other Metro Line
Crossings, Two Existing & Two Upcoming Lines. 5. Charge normal Fare &
allow use of Smart Card.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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Fadnavis government trims security of top Cong, NCP politicians and their kin; including former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan


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AS OF 30 DECEMBER 2014 18:00 HRS LT (GMT+7) 
SURABAYA, 30 DECEMBER 2014 – AirAsia Indonesia regrets to inform that The National Search and Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia (BASARNAS) today confirmed that the debris found earlier today is indeed from QZ8501, the flight that had lost contact with air traffic control on the morning of 28th December 2014. 

The debris of the aircraft was found in the Karimata Strait around 110 nautical miles south west from Pangkalan Bun.

The aircraft was an Airbus A320-200 with the registration number PK-AXC. There were 155 passengers on board, with 137 adults, 17 children and 1 infant. Also on board were 2 pilots, 4 cabin crews and one engineer.
At the present time, search and rescue operations are still in progress and further investigation of the debris found at the location is still underway. AirAsia Indonesia employees have been sent to the site and will be fully cooperating with BASARNAS, National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), and relevant authorities on the investigation.
Sunu Widyatmoko, Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia Indonesia said: “We are sorry to be here today under these tragic circumstances. We would like to extend our sincere sympathies to the family and friends of those on board QZ8501. Our sympathies also go out to the families of our dear colleagues.”

Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia added: “I am absolutely devastated. This is a very difficult moment for all of us at AirAsia as we await further developments of the search and rescue operations but our first priority now is the wellbeing of the family members of those onboard QZ8501.”

AirAsia Indonesia will be inviting family members to Surabaya, where a dedicated team of care providers will be assigned to each family to ensure that all of their needs are met. Counsellors, religious and spiritual personnel have also been invited to the family center to provide any necessary services.
Further information will be released as soon as it becomes available. An emergency call centre has been established and available for families seeking information.  Family members of QZ8501, please contact:

Malaysia: +60 3 21795959
Indonesia: +62 2129270811
Singapore: +65 63077688
Korea: 007 98142069940

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families and friends of our passengers and colleagues on board QZ8501.


 Indonesian civil aviation chief
Debris is
Debris spotted on Tuesday during an aerial search for AirAsia flight QZ8501 is from the missing plane, Indonesia's director general of civil aviation said.

"For the time being it can be confirmed that it's the AirAsia plane and the transport minister will depart soon to Pangkalan Bun," Djoko Murjatmodjo said. 

Indonesian air force official Agus Dwi Putranto told reporters that about 10 big objects and many more small white-coloured objects which could not be photographed have been spotted in the Java Sea off the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. 

"The position is 10 kilometres (six miles) from the location the plane was last captured by radar," he said. 

Ten photos of objects resembling a plane door, emergency slide, and a square box-like object were displayed by Putranto. 

At least 30 ships, 15 aircraft and seven helicopters joined the search for the AirAsia flight QZ8501 that went missing on Sunday morning after taking off from Surabaya in eastern Java on its way to Singapore, said Indonesia's Search and Rescue Agency chief Henry Bambang Soelistyo. 

The multinational operation, led by Indonesia, has been joined by Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, with other offers for help from countries like India, South Korea, China and France. 

The US destroyer USS Sampson is on its way to the zone. The United States was formally asked to assist in the operation, even though none of the passengers are American. 

Several sightings, including something that resembled oil spill east of Belitung island, turned out to be false alarms. 

The search by Indonesian Air Force planes spotted two pools of possible oil slick on Monday but these were later determined to be shadows from underwater coral. 

Two fishermen who reported hearing or seeing the plane are being taken out today by search and rescue teams to that area. 

The search teams are also checking the area where Indonesian navy helicopter crews saw smoke, but authorities do not know whether there is any connection to the missing jet. 

The search area, originally divided into seven sectors, is now being expanded to 13, covering air, sea and land. 

The search area between the islands of Sumatra and Borneo would be expanded, Soelistyo said. 

Authorities would begin scouring islands in the area as well as land on Indonesia's side of Borneo. So far the focus of the search has been the Java Sea. 

On Monday, Soelistyo had said that the "preliminary suspicion" may be that the plane is at the bottom of the sea. 

The Airbus A320-200 was flying over the Java Sea in Indonesian airspace when communication with air traffic control ceased about 42 minutes after take-off. The aircraft was to land at Singapore's Changi Airport at 8:30 am. 

The pilot had asked for a new route minutes before he went off the radio, air traffic control has said. 

The plane's last detected position was 100 nautical miles south-east of Tanjung Pandan on Belitung Island. 

The flight was carrying 155 passengers -- one British, one Malaysian, one Singaporean, three South Koreans, 149 Indonesians -- and seven crew members -- six Indonesians and a French co-pilot. 

Seventeen of the passengers were children. There were no Indian nationals on board. 
Central govt is fooling unauthorized colonies residents
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Monday, 29 December 2014

The BJP’s central government has tried to fool the residents of unauthorised colonies through its last minute pre-election deceptive announcement about the regularisation of these colonies.

The Modi government’s announcement is nothing but a repeat of what the former Sheila Dikshit government had done before the 2008 assembly elections for which it was held guilty by the Lokayukta and the Camptroller and Auditor General.

The Modi government has replayed the cruel joke on these poor people, which was earlier played on them by the Sheila Dikshit government.
Regularisation of unauthorised colonies requires a law passed by parliament and the Modi government failed to do so since last seven months and now at the last moment, it is trying an unsuccessful election gimmick.

The AAP makes it clear that this announcement will not be of any help for the residents since on the basis of this cabinet decision nor will the people be able to legally get their houses registered nor will they be able to get their maps approved. For these, prior approvals from the revenue department and agencies like the DDA will be required. It is also clear that no home loans will be available unless all legal clearances are provided.

Apart from these legal issues, another major problem that will still remain is related to basic amenities. Electricity and water connections along with sewer and water pipelines is a major problem in these colonies and any decision without the legal backing of law will continue to compound their problems.

In case the Modi government was serious, it should have first got the maps approved for these colonies from the concerned authorities.    
The AAP will bring a bill in the state assembly to resolve the long standing issues of unauthorised colonies in Delhi. 
(Please find enclosed the Hindi press release)

AAP Media cell

Monday, December 29, 2014

 HRD ministry is lying on IIT Delhi director's resignation
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Sunday, December 28 

The HRD ministry is misleading the country on the issue of the resignation of the director of IIT Delhi.
It is extremely shocking that the BJP central government’s unjustified political interference is trampling the autonomy of the top institutions for professional and technical education.
The Aam Aadmi Party challenges the human resources development (HRD) minister to answer the following two questions :
1)      Is it not a fact that she had recently summoned the IIT Delhi director ?
2)      Is it not a fact that impolite language was used against such a senior professor and is it also not fact that he was humiliated in that meeting ?
The BJP’s central government has wreaked havoc in the institutions of  excellence in the country during last seven months. Ranging from the removal of the Chief Vigilance Officer of AIIMS to the shocking resignation of the IIT Delhi director, the entire government appears hell bent on imposing its dangerous agenda on the nation.
The HRD ministry in particular, appears to have made it a habit to create a controversy on a weekly basis.
Beginning with its shoddy handling on the FYUP course in Delhi University to abrupt change in the third language in Kendriya Vidyalayas and the confusion on keeping Christmas day as a working day, the ministry has shown itself in a poor light on a regular basis.  
The AAP is of the clear view that even in case there was any issue related to the functioning of IIT Delhi, the HRD ministry had no right to interfere in the functioning of this autonomous institution and the matter should have been referred to its board of governors.
The AAP will strongly oppose any attempts to undermine the autonomy of institutions of higher, professional and technical education for political purposes. (ENDS)    

AAP Media Cell

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