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Swine Flu disease kills pigs in Burma

At least 100 pigs have died of an unidentified disease since April 26, said residents in Twante Township in Rangoon division, raising apprehensions following the outbreak of Swine Flu in Mexico.

About 25 pigs from piggeries in Thakhundine and Zeephyukone villages in Rangoon division’s Twante Township died since Saturday, local residents said.“Before the pigs died, they showed symptoms of poisoning. The bodies of the animals shook. And about two hours later they fell dead,” a local resident of Twante town told Mizzima.

“When we took the meat of the dead pigs the colour was dark and it looked as if it was dehydrated. And when people ate the meat, they started feeling dizzy. Some had to contend with loose motion,” he added.

The locals said, with little knowledge about the disease that the pigs were afflicted with, farm owners buried the pigs in the fields.

After the death of the animals came to the notice of local authorities, a doctor from the Twante hospital along with several officials fr…

Basic amentiies dream to Nargis victims

On May 2, it will be exactly a year after Nargis lashed Burma’s coastal regions of Irrawaddy and Rangoon divisions. But many victims still continue to be threatened with insecurity in terms of food, not to mention reconstruction of their lives and getting back their normal livelihood, agencies said.Astrid Sehl, UN communication officer in Rangoon, told Mizzima that health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation for the victims are among the many areas that still need support.A good efforts by INGOs, the UN and even grassroots humanitarian assistant groups including local NGOs, said the need continues to be great with many of the victims, though they have received some form of aid and are still struggling for basic survival needs, a local aid worker said.“Many people in the delta are still struggling to get enough food to eat, even though they have received some form of aid. It is still insufficient,” he added.Sehl said, at least half a million people in the cyclone devastated ar…