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The Prime Minister of Israel1 min ·
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Attends Launch of Knesset Caucus for Israel-Africa Relations PM Netanyahu Attends Launch of Knesset Caucus for Israel-Africa Relations Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Attends Launch of Knesset Caucus for Israel-Africa Relations YOUTUBE.COM
Most Weird Budget Nothing for Farmers, Poor, Jobs & Startups February29, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh
I hate ‘Dullards’ and am shocked at some of the MOST WEIRD provisions in the Budget 2016-17.
Most Crucial to Indian Economy is for Indian Industry to SERVE WORLD MARKET. R&D investment alone required $40b/Yr or 2% of GDP to just make a start. Startup Program is basically SME workshop or trading or Dhaba kind of business.   
Substantial boost in ‘MUDRA YOJNA’ to Rs.1,80,000 Cr BASICALLY to Small Traders – is Equivalent to Rs.1,80,00,000 Cr TRANSACTION VALUE – 100 Times Recycling Loan* – BIG TRADERS ALSO TO GET Rs.4,00,000 Cr – 25 Times Transaction Value or Rs.100,00,000 Crore =Rs.2,80,00,000 Cr. * My Guess is that most of the MUDRA Credits shall go to Moneylenders.
Farmers get just Rs.2,00,000 Cr Long Term Credit plus 6,50,000 Cr which is recycled 1.3 Times – Roughly Rs.12,00,000 Cr Transaction Value.
LPG Connection…
88TH ACADEMY AWARDS ‏@OSCARAWARDSFEBRUARY 29, 2016|EDIT KATE & LEO!  Oscars 2016 were announced today at Los Angeles with all glitz and paparazzi. Here’s the complete list of the winners of this year’s Oscars. Find Here is the complete list of winners:Best Picture Spotlight Michael Sugar, Steve Golin, Nicole Rocklin and Blye Pagon Faust, Producers
Union Budgets Snippets February 29, 2016 Sudhin Mathur, Lenovo
“The Union Budget for FY 2016-17 is a big step in terms of aiding the common man, small entrepreneurs and companies looking to invest in India. Ease of doing business and financial sector reforms being two of the nine pillars that the Government will look towards to transform India, is a welcome move. In addition to this, the rationalisation of custom duties and excise duties for raw materials, manufacturing for the IT and Hardware sector apart from various sectors to boost the Government’s ‘Make In India’ sector are definitely going to boost the manufacturing sector and lower costs for firms looking to do business in India.Passing on duty differential benefits to components and accessories that go into manufacturing of phones is clearly an extension of promoting Make-in-India. It should also help built the domestic component ecosystem in the long term. But till a competitive supplier base is established in India, there may…