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Tata Says Yes To Clean Chai! Adil Hussain To
Me Sep 30 at 5:22 PM Hi Naresh,
Yes, you heard that right. Thanks to the constant support of over 40,000 people like you, Tata said yes to clean chai. That’s four of India’s leading tea companies, Tata, Unilever, Girnar and Wagh Bakri,committing to removing pesticides from our tea cultivation, in less than two months after launching our report titled, Trouble Brewing. How awesome is that! This wasn’t fate and it most definitely wasn’t an accident. The collective voice of this nation’s people made this happen. Today is the clearest proof yet that change is inevitable. Let’s take a moment to revel in this victory and tell all our friends and family how we made a huge difference to our national drink. Thanks,

Adil Hussain
Actor Support Greenpeace India
Greenpeace India is funded by individuals like you. We don’t take money from the government or any private companies. You will get a Greenpeace organic, cotton grocery bag as a thank you for your contr…
Global news29092014 ​ US doctor exposed to Ebola virus in Sierra Leone admitted to NIH A US doctor who was exposed to the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone has been admitted to a hospital at the National Institutes of Health near Washington, AP said. The patient, who was not identified, arrived at NIH’s Clinical Center about 4pm on Sunday, NIH said. The physician, who volunteered in Sierra Leone, was admitted to a special isolation unit out of “an abundance of caution.” The center said that an exposure to Ebola doesn’t necessarily mean someone will become sick. Four other American aid workers who were sickened by Ebola have been treated at hospitals in Georgia and Nebraska. Three have recovered, and one remains hospitalized. Mexico arrests 22 police after violence in Guerrero state Twenty-two local police have been arrested following the deaths of six people in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Unidentified gunman and numerous officers were involved in several violent incidents late Friday and…