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June core infra grows at 7.3%31072014Dear All, June core infra grows at 7.3%
Electricity, cement, coal and steel grow robust
The core infrastructure grows to 7.3% (Y-O-Y) in June 2014 as compared to 2.3% (Y-O-Y) in May 2014. The combined index of Eight Core Industries stands at 163.9 in June 2014 with a growth rate of 7.3% in June 2014 as compared to 1.2% in June 2013. Crude oil and Natural gas registered a growth rate of 0.1% and (-) 1.7% respectively in the month of June 2014.
Sector wise trend in monthly production                               (% growth) SectorWeight in IIPJun’14May’14Crude Oil5.220.1(-)0.3Natural Gas1.71(-)1.7(-)2.2Petroleum Refinery Products5.941.2(-)2.3Coal4.388.15.5Fertilizer1.25(-)117.6Electricity10.3215.76.3Cement2.4113.68.7Steel6.684.2(-)2.0Overall9033Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the economic advisor to the Govt. of India
In cumulative terms, core infrastructure industries registered a growth of 4.6% during April-June 2014-15 as agai…