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UN SG visits Myanmar to speed-up aid efforts

Myanmar a food scarce for its people,Once the rice bowl of Asia is in midst of Nargis hit cyclone disaster which has made millions of Myanmar citizen suffer from natural catastrophe and now the aid trickle has added more suffering.

Mayhem and suffering on increase in Myanmar,the Secretary General of United Nations Ban-ki-Moon is visiting today to convince the Myanmar Junta to speed-up the international aid efforts by allowing free access to their teams and logistic supports as Helicopter,Vehicals and medical teams.

Myanmar a reclsuive nation,governing its people on strategy that of Communist with frugal freedom for its people and restrictive to the global media or international agencies may not allow free access to their cylone ravaged area of Irrawaddy delta.Secerary general efforts will go in vain but as the Intyernational head he finds its necessary to give a clarion call on humanitarian grounds for cause on which the International organisation have been instituted.

Than Shwe is tour…

Myanmar axed EU aid offer

Nargis Cyclone hit Myanmar has asked India to send its army medical teams to assist relief operations an Indian official said Thursday. An Indian Air Force transport aircraft is planned to fly to Yangon on Saturday carrying a team of doctors and medical supplies, said the official who did not want to be identified.

Commissioner of European Union Lois Michael three days visit to Myanmar to offer humanitarian aid was refused by Junta rulers.

He asked for more visa and free entryof NGO and aid teams for six moths to move in Irradwaddy delta as the need of the hours.

"I urged the Burmese government to grant more visa and allow more expertise in so that there is more efficient response to the disaster" Commissioner said to journalist," I stressed that my mission was purely humanitarian and not political".Time is of the essence".

EU commissioner spoke to powerless minister and the supreme Genral Than Shwe has only the powers to make decision.His request to visit Irra…

More than 1.5 Millions severely affected:UN official

Countries with iron curtain faces controversy as they live on their way of goverance and not as Soveriegn state for Sovereign people.The Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar on Saturday, devastating the Irrawaddy delta, the cities of Yangon and Pegu, and the states of Karen and Mon, a large parts of the country.

Victim of Nargis are in tattered,shambles and in pitable condition which needs humantarians aid,they are global citizens and human being therefore to get natural global attention inspite of rulers reservations, developed countries are coming forwrd to help.

The death toll is likely to mount further as rescue workers still struggle to reach remote settlements with skelton infrastructure and the nationwide number of displaced or homelss people could reach million.

Myanmar junta has imposed a state of emergency in the five worst-hit areas - the Irrawaddy delta, the cities of Yangon and Pegu, and the states of Karen and Mon. It is expected that most of the deaths came in the low-lying,slushy,…

Myanmar no to foreign rescue team

Myanmar is "not ready" for foreign search and rescue teams
Myanmar no to foreign rescue team

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2008-05-09 07:16:55 - No Air drop of food aids on Nargis victims.
US has offered to drop food packages from aeroplanes or helicopters to which Myanmar junta has not permitted their aircraft to fly on their aerial zone.US official says they have dropped the idea to undertake such an effort.

Myanmar is getting assurance of aid on Nargis victim as the cyclone has completely devasted leaving people in mayhem and great suffering,Countries which came forward are India Japan. South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand,German,Norweign,Israel,China,US,UK,Czech.

Myanmar is "not ready" for foreign search and rescue teams after the deadly cyclone, the foreign ministry said on Friday in a state newspaper, announcing that
some aid workers had been deported.

A search and rescue team and media who arrived on Wednesday on a flight from Qatar were …

Kyi party urges Myanmar junta to delay vote

2008-05-09 07:50:26 - Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi's party called on the junta to postpone a constitutional referendum this weekend after the devastating cyclone that has left tens of thousands dead.

Myanmar devastating cyclone that has left tens of thousands dead. The opposition parties National league for democracy conveys,"With this situation, it is not the appropriate time to hold the referendum," National League for Democracy spokesman Nyan Win said.

The military has insisted the referendum will go ahead on Saturday in most of the impoverished state except in areas worst hit by
Cyclone Nargis, which has devastated the Irrawaddy delta and badly affected the main city Yangon.

It has been postponed in 47 towns and cities until 24th May.

Myanmar's generals say approval of the constitution will pave the way for elections in 2010 under their own "roadmap" to democracy, but critics say it will only solidify their iron grip on power.

Aung San Suu Kyi,…

Myanmar Nargis Cyclone death toll reach 1,00,000

Nargis Cyclone death toll reach 1,00,000;
2008-05-08 08:04:07 - US first lady Laura Bush"s recent remarks in which she suggested that India could help Yangon in a much better way than the United States, and that Myanmar"s military junta might accept help from New Delhi 'more readily".

India,China,Thailand and Malaysia are sending their aid to the Cyclone torn state of Burma by planes and ships.Myanmar which was called Burma is the most poorest nation and lives in recluse since the military Junta took over the reign in 1962.

The Irrawaddy delta 22 villages were completely destroyed the death toll could be crossing in the range of more than
one Lakh is located in southwestern.

Laputta Township was one of the first coastal areas to have been hit by the cyclone an estimate of 200,000 people live within Laputta Township.

Unofficial death is estimated more than 1,00,000 and Corpses can be seen everywhere in rice field as the Nargis waves more than 3.5 Meter heigh with speed of…

NargisCyclone kills 22500 in Burma

NargisCyclone kills 22500 in Burma
Irrawaddy leaves 92706 people homeless:
2008-05-06 15:51:14 - Unofficial death is estimated more than 50000n and Corpses can be seen everywhere. Survivors cannot find food or water, local sources said that diarrhea has now affected a great number of people in the Irrawaddy Delta due to infection from corpses and dead fish.source said that no aid from either the Burmese government or non-governmental organizations has been received in Laputta Township to date. The cyclone Nargis hit Laputta Township on May 2 at about 2 a.m. when most people were sleeping,high wind storm continued throughout the night.

Leaders of Burma has asked for International aid as more than 22500 peoples have died and 30000 missing with more than ninty two thousands people are in state of homeles as wind of 190KM/H has brought devastation to their living condiitions.

Relief Minister Maj. Gen. Maung Maung Swe said in meeting with diplomats,the referendum scheduled for Saturday could…

Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar welcomes foreign aid

2008-05-06 05:36:06 - Myanmar junta government is still to work out the distribution network of food to the survivors.India has sent two naval ships laden with food and medical aids material to Myanmar.China and US have shown keen interest to sent the aid.

Thai has sent a plane laden with food aid and essential items to Rangoon.Thailand official are keen to give instant help as their 800 tinnes of rice lay in the Rangoon warehouse.'We have 800 tons of rice stock available in Rangoon in our warehouse now, so that will be available for immediate distribution,' Paul Risley, spokesperson for the World Food Programme's (WFP) Thailand office said.

The Irrawaddy casualty count has been rising quickly as authorities reach hard-hit islands and villages in the Irrawaddy delta, formerly famous as "rice bowl of Asia" which bore the brunt of Cyclone Nargis 190 kmph wind which made tens of thousand inhabitents homeless and deprieved of all amentiies.

On Monmday night Myanmar sta…

US $ 2.5 million EU $3 Million aid to Myanmar

2008-05-06 06:37:36 - European Union released three million dollars in initial emergency aid. The United States offered an initial 250,000 dollars through its embassy in Yangon.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the United Nations would "do whatever necessary to provide urgent humanitarian assistance" to the country, which is one of the poorest on the planet.

Myanmar looks in precarious food position as its food crop is worst affected as Irrawady is rich rice producing zone which is completely devasted with cyclone Nargis.Myanmar is chief rice producing country
and exports its surplus to its neighbouring countries.

The Myanmar lives under secretive veil and does not allow free foreign media access and foreign volunteers find diffcult to move freely in the country the aid may therefore could reach by the armymen,however monks are coming to help the survivors in their way.The communication phones line is completly disrupted and roads blocked with tree fallen.Essential food items…

Thailand,Vietnam,Malaysia;Emerge Robust economy

2008-05-04 05:24:16 - Rice exports are being handled cautiously by Vietnam,India and Bangladesh. Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar willing to form OPEC like organisation to check rise in rice prices.

Rice,Wheat and Maize staple foods producing countries to have strong economy base.Countries with best attention to agrarian policy is to outshine its counterparts.

Rice producing countries, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam,India,China are chief countries on way to get a big boost in their economy with best managment.

South asian countries are planning to make a pool of conglomerate of rice producing countries of
their zone however their efforts has not taken any concrete idea,the lurking thought prevail still to be unveiled due to political differences.

Economy of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietanam is growing at ease pace with strong base of agriculture outputs.The technology upgrading in these countries are being easily adopted and people enjoying the boom of economy growth with foods and machine…