Tuesday, May 6, 2008

US $ 2.5 million EU $3 Million aid to Myanmar

2008-05-06 06:37:36 - European Union released three million dollars in initial emergency aid. The United States offered an initial 250,000 dollars through its embassy in Yangon.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the United Nations would "do whatever necessary to provide urgent humanitarian assistance" to the country, which is one of the poorest on the planet.

Myanmar looks in precarious food position as its food crop is worst affected as Irrawady is rich rice producing zone which is completely devasted with cyclone Nargis.Myanmar is chief rice producing country
and exports its surplus to its neighbouring countries.

The Myanmar lives under secretive veil and does not allow free foreign media access and foreign volunteers find diffcult to move freely in the country the aid may therefore could reach by the armymen,however monks are coming to help the survivors in their way.The communication phones line is completly disrupted and roads blocked with tree fallen.Essential food items like rice,wheat,water and home shelters is the need of the hour as more than 93,000 peoples are homeless waiting for the aid to reach them.Helicopter survey has been made by Myanmar Junta leaders.Negotiation on the modalities to reach the aid distribution is worked out.

The Irrawaddy casualty count has been rising quickly as authorities reach hard-hit islands and villages in the Irrawaddy delta, Once famous as "rice bowl of Asia" which has bore the severe brunt of Cyclone Nargis 190 kmph wind made the tens of thousand inhabitants homeless,deserted and stupified on Friday and Saturday.

UN agency in charge of fighting hunger has issued an earlier plea for the world to provide more food aid to the people of Burma, which states 5 million people are chronically short of food, according to the World Food Program, which tries to provide aid to 500,000 people each month. However, because of constraints, only 200,000 people now receive aid each month.

India sends two naval ships loaded with food and medicine and other aid material as preliminary help to Myanmar.Thailand has also sent food loaded cargo plane with essential aid to the cyclone torn state.

UN estimates that more than one-third of Burmese children suffer from malnutrition and estimates about 100,000 die each year

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