Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thailand,Vietnam,Malaysia;Emerge Robust economy

2008-05-04 05:24:16 - Rice exports are being handled cautiously by Vietnam,India and Bangladesh. Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar willing to form OPEC like organisation to check rise in rice prices.

Rice,Wheat and Maize staple foods producing countries to have strong economy base.Countries with best attention to agrarian policy is to outshine its counterparts.

Rice producing countries, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam,India,China are chief countries on way to get a big boost in their economy with best managment.

South asian countries are planning to make a pool of conglomerate of rice producing countries of
their zone however their efforts has not taken any concrete idea,the lurking thought prevail still to be unveiled due to political differences.

Economy of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietanam is growing at ease pace with strong base of agriculture outputs.The technology upgrading in these countries are being easily adopted and people enjoying the boom of economy growth with foods and machines, a dire need for developing nations. A strong agrarian policy with technology skill make the nation build-up to its developing state with strong cohesive political strength.

The rice producing countries are on way to open high tech colleges and institutes to maintain their tecnology upgradation as per their needs to create infrastructures on way to overall development.

Countries having cheap labour and tropical climate especially in African continents and Latin America may agglomerate in producing the staple foods with the available technology along with the help of developing countries of the world for an overal growth.

India official agencies has achieved its target of buying wheats from the open market which exhibits is strong base in producing wheat and rice in this years.The official agencies have purchased 154 lakhs tonnes of wheats compare to last year collection of 111 lakh tonnes.

Asean conglomerate concert of south asian outward looking countries are soon likely to form a rice producing syndicate to control the flow of their staple food of their region.

In India the government of India agencies in on Rice purchase spree and has procure 230 lakh tonnes have been procures so far and government making efforts to garner more staple food stocks in its kitty.

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