Saturday, July 30, 2011

Miss Handicapped Beauty Contest in Yangon

Miss Handicapped Beauty Contest in Yangon,Myanmaris oranganised by Physically Handicapped Association (MPHA) hold this Beauty Contest at the Thuwunna Indoor stadium in Yangon.

Next month contest aims at showcasing their ability and confidence and raising moral power of them, according to the MPHA.

The beauty contest for different types of female handicapped is scheduled to take place on Aug. 20.The single female contestants, aged between 18 and 30, are eligible to compete in the contest which allows two participants for each team.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Congress : CBI probe into Odisha mining scam

Congress on Friday demanded a CBI probe into the multi-crore mining scam in Odisha. Chief spokesman of Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC), Arya Kumar Gyanendra on Friday said in Bhubaneswar that Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has to follow the way of Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yedduyurappa once it is probed by the CBI. He said the magnitude of mining scam in Odisha is much bigger than in Karnataka.

He also said, besides Naveen Patnaik, many ministers in his cabinet and a number of senior officials are involved in the multi-crore mining scam. He alleged that the Odisha Chief Minister is trying to mislead the people by asking the vigilance department under him to probe into the mining scam.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cabinet approves Lokpal Bill draft

In today's Cabinet meet,

Lokpal bill draft government version is approved.

Lokpal to consists of eight members at National level.

Lokpal Bill to be introduced during monsoon session of Parliament.

PM kept out of Lokpal Bill purview.

Autonomy of judiciary to be maintained is out of the ambit Lokpal Bill.

Draft of Lokpal Bill is under purview of standing committee.

All former Prime Minister comes under ambit Lokpal Bill

Justice Shivaraj V Patil appointed new K'taka Lokayukta

Justice Shivaraj V Patil appointed new K'taka Lokayukta

Former Supreme Court judge, Justice Shivaraj V Patil, hailing from Karnataka was on Tuesday appointed the new Lokayukta of Karnataka to succeed Santosh Hegde.

Governor H R Bhardwaj has cleared the name of Patil, who had earlier served as Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court as well as Acting Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Raj Bhavan sources said.

71-year-old Patil, replaces Hegde, a former Supreme Court judge who completes his term on August two.

Patil also served as the one-man committee that went into the processes and procedures followed by the Department of Telecommunications in the allocation of licences and spectrum between 2001 and 2009.

A Raj Bhavan communique later said the Governor made the appointment on the advice tendered by Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa.

The Governor has also appointed former Karnataka High Court judge, Justice (retd) R Gururajan as a Upalokayukta, Karnataka, it said.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Imagine TV and Rakhi Sawant's: Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan

Imagine TV and Rakhi Sawant's: Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan
The Funniest, wackiest and most bizarre chat show on TV
hosted by Rakhi Sawant:
- The brand new reality series hits the television screens on 29th July 2011~
Ever heard of a man who has not taken bath for 37 years, or two families who combat each other and use ghosts as their weapons, or a woman who prefers to stay perched on a cell phone tower for days, to avoid getting married to a man her parents chose! Yes, India is a unique country with very unique stories. Gear up to watch the most extraordinary & bizzare stories from our country on -Imagine TV as it launches Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan, hosted by the fun & entertaining - Rakhi Sawant, starting 29th July 2011, Friday – Saturday at 10pm

Produced by UTV, Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan, is a unique showcase of strange stories that highlight the wacky lives and strange beliefs that exist in our country. The show will bring together the funniest stories from across the country; stories that will leave you holding your tummy in laughter and your head in disbelief! As the host of the show Rakhi Sawant will bring these stories to the viewers in her trademark, over-the-top & unpretentious style. With Rakhi in the midst of the proceedings, dollops of entertainment and fun are guaranteed.

Says Rakhi Sawant, “I am elated to be back at doing what I do best – Entertain! My audience loves me and so do I. This time around I will be host of the baap of all shows, where you will witness some of the most bizarre incidents that are sure leaved you shell-shocked and rolling on the floor in splits of laughter. All I can say is ‘It Happens only in India’.”

Speaking on the launch of the show, Mr. Santosh Nair, CEO, TV Content – UTV said, “It’s not every day that you get a chance to witness some of the most unusual stories that our country has to offer. So Gazab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyan was conceptualized to showcase these peculiar tales to the audiences, but in an interesting format! Rakhi is definitely the ideal choice for the host, someone who will bring in an element of humour and entertainment, in her own unique style! It is a pleasure to work with Imagine TV yet again and with the stories that the show will bring forth, Gazab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyan is pegged to be one of the most captivating shows on television”

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rewati Singh & Ashok Argal faced police

Under Cash-for-vote scam,Rewati Singh & Ashok Argal appear before police today.
Samajwadi Party MP Rewati Raman Singh and BJP MP Ashok Argal on Friday appeared before Delhi Police for questioning in connection with the 2008 cash-for-vote scam.

The questioning of Rewati Raman came three days after his former party colleague Amar Singh was questioned by the investigators. Two persons Sanjeev Saxena, former aide of Amar Singh, and Suhail Hindustani, an alleged go-between Amar Singh and BJP were arrested after quizzing.

Government firms up draft Land Acquisition Bill

Government firms up draft Land Acquisition Bill-Government has firmed up the draft of Land Acquisition Bill that makes consent of 80 per cent land owners mandatory before purchase of the land. Briefing the reporters after a meeting with Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh in New Delhi today, N C Saxena, member of Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council, NAC said that the new Bill is expected to be unveiled in the next few days. He added that the ministry has improved the draft by raising the consent bar of land owners to 80 percent which was kept at 70 percent by NAC. Mr. Saxena also said the proposed bill will enable the state governments to acquire zero to 100 percent land depending upon the project. Mr. Saxena noted that there will be special provisions for acquiring land of Scheduled Tribes. He also informed that the Ministry has also agreed to NAC's recommendation to integrate different bills of land acquisition and rehabilitation into one.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pak won’t accept any country’s hegemony: PM-Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani

Pak won’t accept any country’s hegemony-Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Saturday said Pakistan will not accept any country’s hegemony in the region.Talking to newsmen here at PM Secretariat after presiding over 13th annual awards ceremony of National Highways and Motorway Police, the Prime Minister said, “We don’t want any Chaudhry (regional chief) in the region.”

Prime Minister was responding to statement of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in which she urged India to match its economic progress by taking a more assertive political role in Central and East Asia. Gilani said, Pakistan will not accept hegemony of any country in the region.On-Replying to another question about the resignations of MQM Ministers, he said the resignations tendered by Sindh Governor, provincial and federal ministers of the MQM had not been accepted therefore, their status as ministers is still intact.

Referring-to question about the arrest of Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, head of Kashmir Center in Washington, he clarified that Dr. Fai is not a Pakistani citizen, and he was a citizen of Occupied Kashmir.About Fai’s reported link with a sensitive agency, the Prime Minister said the matter is being investigated and “Let the facts come; we will see it then.”

Regarding to a question about law and order situation of Karachi, he said it is a provincial subject and the Federal Government is in touch with the provincial government to improve the situation in this mega city.The Prime Minister said, “We respect the mandate of the provincial government.” He, however, said Opposition members had requisitioned the sessions of Senate and National Assembly to discuss the law and order situation in Karachi.Gilani said he especially asked the Chief Whip of National Assembly to ensure the quorum in the session so that the members could discuss the law and order situation of Karachi and it was ensured that there should be no problem of quorum.He said he himself attended the session and the members expressed their point of view on the Karachi situation.

On the issue of Zafar Qureshi, the Prime Minister said he will give his response to the Apex Court in this regard.About the financial conditions of Pakistan Railways and shortage of funds, the Prime Minister said, sufficient funds, in billions of rupees, have been provided to Railways to improve its economic conditions.

Regarding any change in the portfolio of Ministry of Railways,he said Ghulam Ahmed Balour, the Railway Minister is from a coalition partner and government has full regard and respect for its coalition partners.

Answering a question about the allegations on Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for fudging in the figures of tax collection, the Prime Minister said the Ministry of Finance has been directed to take notice of these allegations.Media-agencies

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Afghan national has been arrested in Germany

Afghan national has been arrested in Germany Suspected al Qaeda recruiter on suspicion of recruiting or fundraising for international militant groups al Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, federal prosecutors said on Thursday.Young 21yr- identified as Omid H.,alleged to have published articles and videos on an Islamic Internet site glorifying terrorist attacks with the intent of recruiting new members or raising money for the networks, prosecutors said.Some 60 articles and videos uploaded to the site by Omid H. over the past year were aimed to "incite ... radicalism and ideological-motivated violence," they said.Omid H. was arrested near Kassel in western Germany on Wednesday, the prosecutor's office said in a news release.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bhushan, Anna, Kejriwal aur 20,000 Scou

Bhushan, Anna, Kejriwal aur 20,000 Scou – Very Very Special


In Arabic fictional tale Ali Baba and 40 thieve, Ali Baba over heard the secret treasure of 40 thieves, his intelligent slave ‘Margina’ managed to kill all the thieves and her master Ali Baba was the only left who knew the secret to access the treasure.
In recruiting 20,000 Lokpal Special Staff Bhushans want to create Indian Gestapo or KGB version that is even more powerful could Interrogate PM and Judges.
Bhushan, Anna, Kejriwal wants 20,000 Scou to help them to unlock the treasures of THIEVES but difference is for every thief they want 20 Scou. Here I am assuming just top 1000 thieves hold 90% recoverable treasure, unlike ‘Smart Margina’ they had requisitioned 20 Scoundrels on full time employment to access treasure held by each BIG thieve.

Scoundrels because firstly they shall come from most Corrupt Police Departments and 20,000 shall be empowered to ‘Arrest, Interrogate, Torture, Search Home & Business, Open Lockers and Bank Accounts, Use Electronic Tracking of Mobiles, Mails, Engage or Hire Witnesses etc’ all dirty work.

It was most stupid of Bhushans to cover non Gazetted Officer in the jurisdiction of Lokpal. In case of Telecom Scam few associates of Minister were involved why he wants even Chaprasi to be under Lokpal.
‘Jan Parliament’ NGO shall control corruption in Germination Stage itself.
Quick Prescription for Limiting Corruption
So I always prescribe Prevention & engaging Experts as Effective Way to Limit the Operations of The Thieves –
An Economic Intelligence Department employing just 500 directly jointly under PM & Supreme Court can deal with entire situation. How >>

– Supreme to order ‘Limiting the Shareholding of Corporate, Ambanis for example to original 12%’ who have illegally raised it to over 50%. This shall limit their wealth and cut their ability to Cheat & Corruption.
-- GOI has reserved 50% seats and jobs for backward classes in colleges and public sector employment, but is reluctant to deploy 50% of Bank Credits to rural population who have surplus Land, Manpower, Agro Produce as Raw Material and Water to set up own industries etc to remove widening Rural-Urban Economic Gulf.

-- Supreme Court to cancel Mining Leases where Companies had paid less than 10% of the value of minerals, or are Hoarding on to cheaply acquired Land & Mining leases, GOI to release Mining Leases on annual basis to companies who observe Regulations, engage proper & scientific mining technologies and restore mined area fit for re-habitation.

>> When a person was fined for not building House within two years of allotment of a plot – he paid fine and built house in 12 months but DLF has over 10,000 acres prime Land Hoarding for 20 years. Supreme Court shall order return of un-build area acquired by Builders for 4 years or more to farmers. This shall restore injustice done to farmers who cheaply sold land to builders for fear of losing it to Government at even lower price.
>> Mayawati ought to have acquired Hoarded Land first for development.
-- Supreme Court to order 40% of the value of minerals be paid as Royalty to owners or natives or 20% royalty and restore - return Mining area to original owners or inhabitants.
-- Supreme Court to restore Urban Land Ceiling act that was illegally withdrawn considering Farming Land Ceiling was not – farmers lands are acquired for development but buildings in way of widening roads are not – in Mumbai bypass is built over sea.
-- Supreme Court to order 50% of the Bank Credits for Housing, Personal Loan, MSMEs to go to villages.
-- Supreme Court to order 20% of power generation reserved for Domestic/ Commercial Use by 70% rural population at par with Urban Domestic & Commercial consumption.

Ravinder Singh
Inventor & Consultant
July21, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Uranium find in Andhra Pradesh

India's state of Andhra Pradesh find one of the largest reserves of uranium in the world, the country's chief nuclear officer says.Initial Studies,reports Tummalapalle in Kadapa district may have reserves of 150,000 tonnes of the mineral, Atomic Energy Commission chief S Banerjee said.

India has estimated reserves of about 175,000 tonnes of uranium.Analysts say the new reserves would still not be sufficient to meet India's growing nuclear energy needs.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Portfolio allocation-to-Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora

Portfolio allocation of Minister of State for IT and Communications,Milind Deora. He is given the charge of the Telecom Department.
Sachin Pilot,to take care of IT and Postal issues.
The 34-year old Deora, a two-time Congress MP from South Mumbai,had taken charge as Minister of State for IT and Communications.
Minister for IT and Communications Kapil Sibal has decided the responsibilities of both Ministers of State, official sources said on Monday.

Hillary Clinton arrives Monday in New Delhi

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will arrive in New Delhi on Monday to attend the second round of Indo-US strategic dialogue on Tuesday.A host of key bilateral, regional and international issues including situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan and security cooperation in the backdrop of recent Mumbai blasts will be discussed during the talks.Hillary, who will be in India for a two-day official trip, will hold talks with her counterpart External Affairs Minister S M Krishna, apart from calling on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and meeting National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon.

On Tuesday, the US Secretary of State will hold a breakfast meeting with the National Security Adviser followed by the Indo-US dialogue after which she will call on the Prime Minister and will meet several senior political leaders including UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

Clinton will be travelling to Chennai on Wednesday where she is likely to meet representatives of US companies.

Besides situation in the region, civil nuclear cooperation between the two countries will also be part of the strategic dialogue during which India is also expected to talk about American visa regime which is impacting the movement of Indian IT professionals in that country.

The dialogue is based on five pillars which include strategic cooperation in defence and counter-terrorism, energy and trade.

Clinton and Krishna had launched the India-US Strategic Dialogue in 2009 to provide a framework and strategic direction for the huge range of bilateral government-to-government activity between the two countries.The first meeting of the strategic dialogue was held in Washington last year.The strategic dialogue provides an opportunity to take stock of the progress in bilateral relationship and cooperation and to consult on global and regional issues of interest, besides charting out a short to medium-term roadmap of cooperation in priority sectors for the two governments, a spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monsoon session of Parliament from August 1

Monsoon session of Parliament from August 1:
The monsoon session of Parliament will begin on August 1 and is likely to continue for about six weeks. Subject to exigencies of government business, the session is likely to conclude on September 8. This was announced by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat in a press release. Lok Sabha Secretariat had made the announcement

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chilean students-protest

SANTIAGO: At least 32 officers were wounded and 54 demonstrators were arrested here Thursday in a mass protest demanding more funds for public education, police said.
Riot police used water cannons and fired tear gas to disperse the tens of thousands of demonstrators, who fought back by hurling rocks, sticks, and plastic bottles filled with paint.Santiago Police Chief Sergio Gajardo told reporters that 32 officers were wounded "as a result of the extremely violent actions that took place at the end of the march."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

EL Nino effect in Burma.

According to observations recorded by 25 El Nino watch groups around the world, there is a 50 per cent probability in August and a 70 per cent probability in November.Dr. Tun Lwin said that only a strong El Nino could affect Burma.“The epicenter of El Nino is far from Burma. The epicenter is located near Peru and Ecuador in South America,” Tun Lwin told Mizzima. An El Nino leads to drought and very high temperatures.El Nino condition is based upon the Oceanic Nino Index. When water temperature is 5 degree Celsius higher than normal temperatures in the sea, an El Nino can occur. If it is nine degree higher than normal, a strong El Nino will occur.In 2010, lakes, ponds and wells dried up in Mon, Arakan, and Shan states, Rangoon, Pegu, Irrawaddy, Sagaing, Mandalay and Magwe regions because of El Nino. Temperatures reached 47 degree Celsius in Myinmu in Sagaing Region, 46.5 degree in Myinchan in Mandalay Region, 45 degree in Monywa (Sagaing Region) and Magwe (Magwe Region), and 44.8 degree in Nyaungoo in Mandalay Region.

“El Nino can spoil a monsoon. It causes drought, so the whole country could suffer bad consequences. I don’t want to say that El Nino can affect only Central Burma. It can affect the whole country. There is little rain in Central Burma even in normal conditions so you could say that Central Burma could be severely affected,” Tun Lwin said.There is more than a 50 per cent probability that an El Nino weather phenomenon will occur again in Burma this August, said Burmese meteorologist Tun Lwin. In 2010, some lakes dried up because of the EL Nino effect in Burma.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kyaw Win, official at the Burmese embassy in Washington, D.C.Reports

Kyaw Win, official at the Burmese embassy in Washington, D.C.Reports
Jul 13 2011
Tags: burmese human rights

Senior diplomat writes to Secretary of State Clinton, saying he has lost hope that his country's leaders will effect democratic change.Kyaw Win, the second-ranking official at the Burmese embassy in Washington, writes in a July 4 letter to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his efforts to push for reform have been rejected and he fears prosecution if he returns to Burma. United States to maintain targeted economic sanctions against the Burmese leaders and their businessmen allies, and to press for an international council of inquiry to investigate Burmese human rights abuses.The diplomat confirmed his resignation and request of asylum in the United States by telephone to a reporter for VOA's Burmese service.

Futher adds,Burma's military would ease its grip on power and move Burma to greater political pluralism. But, he says, the military has retained its hold on uncontested power in spite of elections last year that brought in a nominally civilian leadership.

He says that in reality, senior military officials are seeking "to stamp out the voices of those seeking democracy, human rights and individual liberties." He says war against the nation's ethnic minorities is "imminent" and threats against pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi must be taken seriously.

Kyaw Win says the United States has played a special role in standing up for freedom and democracy in his country. He urges Secretary Clinton to facilitate the creation of an international body to investigate human rights abuses perpetrated in Burma's conflict zones by the military and other armed groups.Media-agenies-VOA

US suspends 800 million US dollar aid to Pakistan

US suspends 800 million US dollar aid to Pakistan

Angered by Pakistan's reluctance to go full throttle in the war against terror, the US has disclosed that it has suspended 800 million US dollar worth of military aid to it.

White House Chief of Staff Tom Donilon while confirming the suspension of the aid, described the relations with Pakistan as difficult and that it must be made to work overtime.

The suspended aid is about one-third of the 2 billion US dollar in annual American security assistance to Pakistan.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Big Thank You’ for making AirAsia number ONE again!

‘World’s Best Low Cost Airline’ award
Sepang, 11 July 2011 – AirAsia, the world’s best low-cost airline for three consecutive years (2009, 2010, 2011) presents another irresistible promotion offering low fares to exciting domestic and regional destinations.

The promotion, aptly named the ‘A Big Thank You Sale’ presents guests with fares from as low as *RM3 to destinations from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Sibu, Kuching, Bangkok, Hat Yai and Phuket. Also offered are flights via AirAsia’s East Malaysian hub, from Kota Kinabalu to Clark.

Booking period for this must-not-miss promotion starts at 12am on 12 July – 17 July 2011, for the travel period between 6 February – 20 June 2012. Log on for more information on this promotion and other similar, enticing deals.Kathleen Tan, Regional Commercial Head, AirAsia Berhad said, “We are proud to be recognized as the world’s best low-cost airline for three consecutive years. However, this amazing feat is not possible without the support of our wonderful guests. Being conferred the award for three years in a row indicates our incessant efforts to ensure the best products and services for all our guests.

“In conjunction with this achievement, we will be offering special RM3 fares to selected domestic and regional destinations. By this promotion, we hope to see more people grab the opportunity to travel and enjoy quality time with their friends and families. This ‘A Big Thank You Sale’ promotion is a way to say thank you to our guests for the support given all these years. Rest assured that we always listen to our guests’ needs for lower and lower fares.”
To make holidays more interesting and memorable, guests may log on to to be able to mix and match their preferred tour and activities, apart from affordable holiday packages and lodging from over 70,000 hotels worldwide. Together with the partnership with Expedia, the travel portal has 130,000 hotel partners around the world.
AirAsia remains a popular choice among air travelers with its consumer-friendly products and services, including low fares, a modern fleet, an extensive network and great flight frequencies, convenient booking and payment channels, and choose-your-own features for meals, seats and baggage allowances.
AirAsia’s operations are anchored in its mission to democratize travel, encapsulated in its tagline Now Everyone Can Fly. It has ferried more than 120 million guests to date. AirAsia has also established itself as the Truly Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) airline, with its unmatched connectivity in the region and its “sky bridges” – routes – that link the capitals and communities of Southeast Asia to each other and beyond.

PM defends crackdown on protesters

Kuala Lumpur,-Prime Minister Najib Razak on Sunday defended the government's handling of the demonstrations, saying "we dislike chaos".Najib also accused opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for masterminding the protest to drum up support for his political aspirations. People came out in large numbers yesterday for the opposition-backed rally to bring pressure on Najib's long ruling coalition to usher in electoral reforms and more transparency ahead of national polls early next year.Police fired tear gas and detained more than 1,600 people during the protest.Addressing more than 6000 supporters in Kuala Lumpur, Najib lashed out at Anwar, saying he is prepared to sacrifice his principles to achieve his dream of becoming prime minister.

He accused Anwar of masterminding the protest march held by NGO Bersih 2.0, the opposition coalition and called him an opportunist.He described the Bersih (meaning clean in Malay language) rally as a desperate plan by Anwar to manipulate the people to gain their support.

Najib said Anwar's position was affected by the growing support of the people for the government following the various economic development policies that had been implemented."He knows that if he does not do anything, we (the ruling coalition of Barisan Nasional) will win in the 13th general election"."This is the last chance for him. When people know that this is their last chance, they will do everything, good or bad," he said.Najib dismissed claims of police brutality during the protest and said police personnel had used minimum force when acting against the demonstrators."We dislike chaos. We like peace. We like a country where the people live in harmony," he said.On reports that a person had died during the protests, the Prime Minister said it had happened because of a pre-existing medical condition.

Acting city police chief Amar Singh confirmed that Baharuddin Ahmad, who was in his 50s, died after complaining of chest pains.The Prime Minister said Anwar deliberately wanted to bring down the country's image.He appealed to all not to make demonstrations a part of Malaysian culture."We are peace-loving citizens who want to live in peace and harmony, and want to live in a country that has a bright future," he said

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Congress search next DMK Minister

Dayanidhi Maran's exit from the Union Cabinet over the 2G scam issue, senior Congress leader and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee discussed the current political situation with DMK chief M Karunanidhi in Chennai today.Emerging from over an hour-long meeting with Karunanidhi at his residence, Mr. Mukherjee told reporters that the alliance is there, the alliance will continue and it will be strengthened.

Mr. Mukherjee said it was his practice to call on the DMK leader whenever he was in the city. Noting that this was his first visit to Chennai after the Tamil Nadu Assembly polls, he said he took the opportunity of calling on him and explained the current political situation and shared views.Dayanidhi Maran was present at the meeting, also attended by Union Minister V Narayanasamy and TNCC President K V Thangkabalu.

SP may be offered ministerial along with Lallu to get berth in next cabinet reshuffle to add solid numbers in Congress coalition intact after various scams.

Friday, July 8, 2011

SC restricts opening of Thiru Temple vaults

The Supreme Court on Friday restrained the seven-member committee from opening vaults of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, which according to various estimates contains wealth worth over Rs one lakh crore.A bench of justices R V Raveendran and A K Patnaik on Friday asked the petitioner Raja Marthanda Varma, erstwhile Prince of Travancore, and the Kerala government to come out with appropriate suggestions for ensuring sanctity and security of the ancient temple which has come to the limelight following discovery of the huge wealth.

The apex court while restraining the opening of vault (B) and also the vault (A) posted the matter for further hearing on next Thursday.During the arguments, senior counsel K K Venogopal, appearing for the erstwhile prince, clarified that the temple was a public property and no member of the royal family claims any ownership or right over the huge property.

"The royal family is not claiming any ownership. It is a public temple. It is not claiming any ownership of property. No part of it belongs to any member of the family. The property belongs to Lord Padmanabhaswamy," he told the bench.

The royal family which is the trustee of the temple has challenged the Kerala government's decision to take over the administration of the temple which was earlier upheld by the Kerala High Court.During Friday’s arguments, the bench observed that utmost security should be ensured in and around the temple in view of the discovery of the huge wealth.Emphasising on security measures, the bench observed, "Instead of having their eyes on the deity or sanctum sanctorum, the eyes of many people will now be on these kallara (vaults)."

Counsel Venugopal also clarified that the value of the treasure reportedly discovered from the temple was not authentic as they were mere media speculations."So they were valuation by the media. They are newspaper valuations," the bench remarked.The apex court, during the last hearing on 6th July, had directed videography of the ongoing unearthing of treasure trove inside the chambers of the temple.

The bench had proposed the appointment of a curator of a museum to preserve the treasure being unearthed from the centuries-old temple in Kerala.The treasures found from cellars of the temple are estimated to be around Rs 1 lakh crore.
The apex court's directions had come during the hearing of a petition by the heir of erstwhile prince of Travancore Raja Rama Varma, challenging a Kerala High Court ruling of 31st January this year, ordering takeover of the assets and management of the shrine by the state.

The court had also barred the observer, supervising the unearthing of the temple's treasure, from giving any interview of the process, saying the matter is related to the state.The apex court had earlier passed an interim order on a plea filed by Rama Varma's uncle Marthanda Varma staying the high court's order for takeover of the management and assets of the temple.While hearing the petition, the court had directed that "there shall be a detailed inventory of the articles, valuables and ornaments found from the temple's treasure trove."The court had also appointed retired judges of Kerala High Court, Justice M N Krishnan and Justice C S Rajan as observers to supervise unearthing of the temple's treasure and had said that the inventory list would be prepared in their presence.The two petitioners in the matter, including Marthanda Varma, were also authorized by the apex court to be present during the preparation of the inventory list.The court had also said the inventory shall be made in the presence of the Devaswom Department's secretary or a representative nominated by it, besides a senior officer of the Department of Archeology.Kerala-state government plans Rs 30-crore security plan for the shrine, the first installment of which was earmarked in the state budget presented in the assembly on Friday. Media-agencies

China releases new set of documents on 'Nanjing massacre'

China releases new set of documents on 'Nanjing massacre'
China has released a new collection of documents on the 1937 "Nanjing Massacre" in which over three lakh Chinese were killed allegedly by Japanese troops in eastern Jiangsu Province.The provincial government has released the collection of historical documents which were complied during the last 10 years by more than 100 experts and scholars, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

The collection, jointly released by Jiangsu People's Publishing Limited and Phoenix Publishing and Media Group on Wednesday, was the most elaborate and systematic historical works on the incident, said Zhang Xianwei, chief editor of the collection.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Myanmar's southeastern Kayin state hit rains and flood

Flood,heavy rain,hit Hlaingbwe township in Myanmar's southeastern Kayin state for the past several days, a local media reported Tuesday.Most of the areas in the township including paddy fields were under water due to the overflow of water from the Hlaingbwe stream, Myanmar Newsweek said.The flood affected over 20 villages in Bago, destroying paddy fields in the region. Schools were closed and used as shelters for accommodating flood victims.The villagers used boat in crossing from one village to another.Flood had struck Mon state, Bago and Yangon regions earlier this year.Reports media agencies

Monday, July 4, 2011

BJP in favour of bringing PM under Lokpal: Advani

BJP in favour of bringing PM under Lokpal: Advani
New Delhi: New Delhi, Jul 4 (PTI) Senior BJP leader L K Advani today said that his party is in favour of bringing Prime Minister within the ambit of Lokpal, noting that the 1998 and 2001 drafts prepared by NDA were clear on the issue.
Shri Arun Jaitley, Leader of Opposition (Rajya Sabha) regarding Lokpal Bill
On the inclusion of Prime Minister

The ministerial draft clearly provides an immunity to the Prime Minister from the jurisdiction of the Lokpal. The Lokpal Bill lays down the procedure for investigation and creates the agency which has the power to investigate. The substantive law of corruption under which the crime is committed is the Prevention of Corruption Act. The substantive law i.e. Prevention of Corruption Act does not grant any immunity to the Prime Minister. If he is investigated by agencies such as the CBI or a State Police, no such immunity is available to the Prime minister. Laws granting Prime Minister’s immunity from legal provisions have been frowned upon. Constitutional amemdment which made prime Minister’s election non-challengeable was introduced in the Emergency. It was struck down by the Supreme Court. Ordinarily if the prime minister commits an offence the accountability standards for them must be higher than ordinary humans. The principle of Ceaser’s wife being beyond suspicion requires a more stringent standard for a Prime Minister. A prime Minister in larger public interest may need protection only in relation to National Security or Public order issues. These areas affect India’s sovereignty and security. Decisions taken by the Prime Minister and expenditure incurred on these subjects cannot be accounted for either before the Lokpal or any other investigative agency. There may be a rationale for treating these areas as special and distinct but if a Prime Minister were to receive kick-backs on commercial transactions or subvert a vote of confidence through bribery, why should he be immune from the penal law? It is for this reason that both Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Dr. Manmohan singh have repeatedly said that they have no objection on being covered by the Lokpal. Clause 10 of the Lokpal Bill of 2001 thus granted only a limited immunity to the Prime Minister wherein it was stated –

“provided that Lokpal shall not enquire into any matter involving, or arising from, or connected with, any such allegation against the Prime Minister inso far as it relates to national security or maintenance of public order”.

This formulation in the NDA Bill seems to be more appropriate than a complete immunity.

Britain to pull hundreds of troops from Afghanistan

LONDON: British Prime Minister David Cameron is to announce the withdrawal of at least 500 troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2012 following a similar drawdown by the United States, reports said Sunday.The move would take the number of British troops in Afghanistan below the key figure of 9,000 and mark a major step towards Cameron's stated aim of having all British combat forces out of the country by 2015.

Cameron would announce on Wednesday plans to withdraw up to 800 troops by the end of next year, the Sunday Times reported. The Sunday Telegraph put the figure at 500 and said they would leave in mid-2012.Britain's Ministry of Defence said that some troops would be brought home early but refused to confirm details."UK force levels in Afghanistan are kept under constant review," a Ministry of Defence spokesman said.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The 25th anniversary of the Mizoram Peace Accord.

Nksagar-Sagar -Media-Inc:July 2nd, 2011
#Aizawl: The Centre’s lack of proper appreciation of social, political and demographic peculiarities of region is responsible for turmoils that have been plaguing the northeastern region, Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla said here on Friday.”The conflicts witnessed in the North East for decades seem to carry with them an ideal or goal. The projected goal is to preserve ethnic identities, perceived to be in danger of being swamped by culture alien to the people, and to undo the alleged wrong done to them by years of neglect with the resultant economic deprivation,” Lal Thanhawla said at a closing function of a national seminar on ‘Peace and Development in Mizoram : Challenges and Prospects’.The seminar was organised by Zoram Research Foundation, in collaboration with Indian Council of Social Science Research,North Eastern Region and Mizoram University, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Mizoram Peace

#Madhu Chandra-Our campaign for peace in North East India had many forms. Prayer Campaign was one begun from 2007 May, hundreds and thousands continued to prayer for peace in the region,situation in Manipur is much better. I was there for for 25 days and did not hear about killing, whereas there use to be daily killing a year ago.

#Tripartite talk at Senapati Concludes without Positive Solution The UNC is demanding to have alternative arrangement for the Nagas in Manipur. The United Naga Council (UNC), Central Govt. and Manipur Govt hold a talk today at Senapati H.Q., Manipur but both the parties drew their own lines and failed to meet in the same point. The tripartite talks commenced at 10:30am and continue till 12:30pm. The Govt. of Manipur want the territorial integrity and stressed on the functioning of Autonomous District Council (ADC) with devolution of more powers. To which the UNC have clearly told the Govt. of Manipur and Central Govt. that the Nagas are not in Manipur by choice and want to have an alternative arrangement for the Nagas in Manipur. In this tripartite talks, the UNC represented for the Nagas in Manipur, Uk Bansal Secy, Internal Security, Shambhu Singh, Joint Secy and Ak Mishra, joint Director (IB) represented Central govt. and the state govt. was represented by DS Poonia, CS and Host of S/Bureaucrats. Media-agencies

Friday, July 1, 2011

Syrian troops operation city Aleppo protests

Friday, July 01, 2011
Syrian troops swoop amid Aleppo protests DAMASCUS: Syrian troops swept into new villages in the northwest on Thursday as the second city Aleppo saw anti-regime protests and as pro-democracy dissidents joined ranks at home and abroad, activists said.Around 60 tanks and armoured personnel carriers entered two villages in the countryside of Idlib province, said Rami Abdel Rahman of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.The operation was the latest in a campaign to quash dissent against the autocratic rule of President Bashar al-Assad as pro-democracy protests gathered steam and opposition figures joined hands to press for reform.
Abdel Rahman said troops leaving the village of Al-Bara split into two units, one heading towards the village of Kafr Nabl and the other to Kansafra.Early on Thursday soldiers stormed Al-Bara, a hamlet known for its Roman remains, Abdel Rahman said."Heavy gunfire rang out, probably to terrorise villagers to prevent them from leaving their homes," he said.After the operation villagers fled Al-Bara and the nearby villages of Al-Rami, Mar-Ayan and Kafr Haya, "heading south and west," Abdel Rahman said.

On Wednesday, 10 civilians were shot dead by troops in a cluster of villages in Idlib's Jabal al-Zawiyah district, Abdel Rahman told AFP in Nicosia.The crackdown comes in defiance of repeated global condemnation and warnings from Western powers to Syria to show restraint and despite new US sanctions against key regime pillars and Syria's top ally Iran.Dennis Kucinich, a US Democratic Representative under fire over a trip to Syria, said on Thursday Assad had promised him that he would "remove his forces from the cities."

"I appealed to President Assad to remove his forces from the cities. He told me he would, and today we learned that he has begun to do just that," Kucinich said in a statement released by his office in Washington.

The Observatory says 1,353 civilians have been killed since mid-March in the crackdown and that 343 security force personnel have also died. Thousands have been arrested.However, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in Vienna on Thursday the alliance would not take action despite the crackdown."We have no plan to intervene in Syria," he said."We operate in Libya on the basis of a UN mandate and the support of countries of the region," he added, which was not the situation regarding Syria."Having said that I strongly condemn the behaviour of the security forces and the crackdown on the civil population," Rasmussen added.In Aleppo, a bastion of the regime and Syria's commercial hub, hundreds of pro-democracy protesters swept into the streets on Thursday, prompting security forces to use batons to disperse them, activists said."Hundreds of people took part in several neighbourhoods of Aleppo," said Abdel Karim Rihawi, president of the Syrian League for Human Rights."Security forces dispersed the protesters who were chanting slogans calling for freedom, using batons."

Rihawi said that two people were reportedly injured and that some pro-regime supporters held counter-demonstrations.A Facebook group that has been a motor of the uprising had urged Syrians to march on Thursday on Aleppo to demand Assad's ouster, and to rally nationwide on Friday.

"The Aleppo Volcano. The people want the fall of the regime," pro-democracy activists said in a message posted by the Syrian Revolution 2011 on Facebook.

"Revolutionaries, come to Aleppo and Idlib provinces... and go to central Aleppo... to protest and to light the spark of the Revolution."

The group also called on people to rally after weekly Muslim prayers, branding July 1 "the Friday of departure" and saying in a message to Assad: "We don't love you, Go away, you and your party."

The opposition also turned up the heat on Assad, announcing the creation of a "national coordination committee" of exiled dissidents and opponents at home to push for democratic reforms."A national coordination committee has been formed, seeking national and democratic change in Syria," rights lawyer Hassan Abdel Azim told AFP.The committee "has drafted a political document that has been sent to political parties and (opposition) figures for discussion and approval."

The announcement comes after about 160 dissidents, several of whom have spent years in jail as political prisoners, gathered in Damascus on Monday and vowed to press ahead with a peaceful uprising.The crackdown against Syrian protesters has been widely condemned and met with a series of sanctions. Media-agencies

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