Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bhushan, Anna, Kejriwal aur 20,000 Scou

Bhushan, Anna, Kejriwal aur 20,000 Scou – Very Very Special


In Arabic fictional tale Ali Baba and 40 thieve, Ali Baba over heard the secret treasure of 40 thieves, his intelligent slave ‘Margina’ managed to kill all the thieves and her master Ali Baba was the only left who knew the secret to access the treasure.
In recruiting 20,000 Lokpal Special Staff Bhushans want to create Indian Gestapo or KGB version that is even more powerful could Interrogate PM and Judges.
Bhushan, Anna, Kejriwal wants 20,000 Scou to help them to unlock the treasures of THIEVES but difference is for every thief they want 20 Scou. Here I am assuming just top 1000 thieves hold 90% recoverable treasure, unlike ‘Smart Margina’ they had requisitioned 20 Scoundrels on full time employment to access treasure held by each BIG thieve.

Scoundrels because firstly they shall come from most Corrupt Police Departments and 20,000 shall be empowered to ‘Arrest, Interrogate, Torture, Search Home & Business, Open Lockers and Bank Accounts, Use Electronic Tracking of Mobiles, Mails, Engage or Hire Witnesses etc’ all dirty work.

It was most stupid of Bhushans to cover non Gazetted Officer in the jurisdiction of Lokpal. In case of Telecom Scam few associates of Minister were involved why he wants even Chaprasi to be under Lokpal.
‘Jan Parliament’ NGO shall control corruption in Germination Stage itself.
Quick Prescription for Limiting Corruption
So I always prescribe Prevention & engaging Experts as Effective Way to Limit the Operations of The Thieves –
An Economic Intelligence Department employing just 500 directly jointly under PM & Supreme Court can deal with entire situation. How >>

– Supreme to order ‘Limiting the Shareholding of Corporate, Ambanis for example to original 12%’ who have illegally raised it to over 50%. This shall limit their wealth and cut their ability to Cheat & Corruption.
-- GOI has reserved 50% seats and jobs for backward classes in colleges and public sector employment, but is reluctant to deploy 50% of Bank Credits to rural population who have surplus Land, Manpower, Agro Produce as Raw Material and Water to set up own industries etc to remove widening Rural-Urban Economic Gulf.

-- Supreme Court to cancel Mining Leases where Companies had paid less than 10% of the value of minerals, or are Hoarding on to cheaply acquired Land & Mining leases, GOI to release Mining Leases on annual basis to companies who observe Regulations, engage proper & scientific mining technologies and restore mined area fit for re-habitation.

>> When a person was fined for not building House within two years of allotment of a plot – he paid fine and built house in 12 months but DLF has over 10,000 acres prime Land Hoarding for 20 years. Supreme Court shall order return of un-build area acquired by Builders for 4 years or more to farmers. This shall restore injustice done to farmers who cheaply sold land to builders for fear of losing it to Government at even lower price.
>> Mayawati ought to have acquired Hoarded Land first for development.
-- Supreme Court to order 40% of the value of minerals be paid as Royalty to owners or natives or 20% royalty and restore - return Mining area to original owners or inhabitants.
-- Supreme Court to restore Urban Land Ceiling act that was illegally withdrawn considering Farming Land Ceiling was not – farmers lands are acquired for development but buildings in way of widening roads are not – in Mumbai bypass is built over sea.
-- Supreme Court to order 50% of the Bank Credits for Housing, Personal Loan, MSMEs to go to villages.
-- Supreme Court to order 20% of power generation reserved for Domestic/ Commercial Use by 70% rural population at par with Urban Domestic & Commercial consumption.

Ravinder Singh
Inventor & Consultant
July21, 2011

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