Thursday, May 22, 2008

UN SG visits Myanmar to speed-up aid efforts

Myanmar a food scarce for its people,Once the rice bowl of Asia is in midst of Nargis hit cyclone disaster which has made millions of Myanmar citizen suffer from natural catastrophe and now the aid trickle has added more suffering.

Mayhem and suffering on increase in Myanmar,the Secretary General of United Nations Ban-ki-Moon is visiting today to convince the Myanmar Junta to speed-up the international aid efforts by allowing free access to their teams and logistic supports as Helicopter,Vehicals and medical teams.

Myanmar a reclsuive nation,governing its people on strategy that of Communist with frugal freedom for its people and restrictive to the global media or international agencies may not allow free access to their cylone ravaged area of Irrawaddy delta.Secerary general efforts will go in vain but as the Intyernational head he finds its necessary to give a clarion call on humanitarian grounds for cause on which the International organisation have been instituted.

Than Shwe is touring the disaster zone as per the state media reports into the hardest-hit regions of the Irrawaddy delta for the first time.Till Sunday, General Than Shwe,the senior general had not made a public appearance or remark about the disaster.

International agencies are blaming the Myanmar junta that it has failed to reach the millions of starving people and provide basic needs to the peoples in the midst of cylone ravaged zones

“While the ASEAN initiative may turn out to be a step forward, it does not have the capacity to address all the urgent needs faced by Burma"s cyclone survivors," said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

“Governments and aid agencies should not delude themselves into thinking otherwise."

The group urged the international community to demand more visas for relief workers, freedom for agencies to oversee aid distribution, and approval for foreign governments to use military assets to deliver aid.

“Until the Burmese Government opens its doors to all aid offered, unnecessary deaths and suffering will continue," Mr Adams said, while urging the United Nations Security Council to take action against Burma"s generals.

“How many failed and inconclusive meetings and visits to Burma by diplomats will it take before the UN Security Council acts?"

Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar in midnights on May 2 leaving more than 150,000 people dead or missing. Million people that the UN estimates the storm severely affected, only about 500,000 have been reached by international aid so far.

Relief organisations have accused the military junta of slowing the flow of life-saving supplies by insisting it can handle the crisis on its own.

Burma agreed at regional talks in Singapore yesterday to allow ASEAN to coordinate an international relief effort, after resisting multiple foreign attempts to deliver aid to hard-hit areas.

UN aid official John Holmes was allowed yesterday to glimpse how desperate the situation has become, as he toured part of the delta, where entire villages were washed away.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon, was set to visit the hardest-hit regions of Burma on Thursday ahead of weekend fund-raising talk in Rangoon.

World Bank has refused help to Myanmar beacuse of its outstanding debts.

Myanmar is lacking basic infrastructure,bridges broken roads in poor states and lack of communication with poor navigation has hampered the aid work.Aid eneterd has not been ably distributed by the junta rulers creating situation from bad to worse

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