Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WFP efforts in aid Nargis Cylone victims

01.06.2008 WFP is making continues efforts to in reaching victims of the Myanmar cyclone Nargis.WFP has dispatched food to eight townships namely ogale, Labutta, Pyapon, Kyaiklat, Maubin, Ngaputaw, Dedaye and Pathe near Rangoon in in the Ayeyarwady delta.

WFP till now dispatched enough food to the affected areas to feed 575,000 people with a two-week ration of rice. WFP estimates that nearly 485,000 people have received a first ration of food since the cyclone struck. High-energy biscuits for over 107,000 children and ready-to-eat meals for about 2,500 people have also been dispatched.

However, these quantities fall short of WFP's target, as many people still haven't been reached with food rations while others may now be due to receive more as part of the next distribution cycle.

In terms of Logistics support,Myanmar has set the area at Don Muang is taken over as the main hub for air transport of humanitarian items into Myanmar. Currentlytwo transport planes with pay load of 40 tons, one Ilyushin 76 and one Antonov 12 are serving the air bridge into Yangon. The capacity can be increased quickly if required. Regular flights continue across the air bridge from Bangkok into Yangon and from other points direct into Myanmar.

WFP has now contracted four barges and push tugs, and two river boats for inter-agency use in the delta region. They are capable of moving a total of 3,050 metric tons of food and other humanitarian supplies. A large number of smaller boats have been contracted in the delta to ferry supplies to outlying areas. Two large barges were loaded with food and other relief supplies in Yangon on Thursday (29 May), bound for the worst affected parts of the delta.

WFP has now deloyed 30 trucks of varying capacities for inter-agency use to deliver food and other humanitarian supplies in the delta region, but given the terrain of the delta the operational emphasis is on the inland waterway operation.

WFP is currently using 4,000 square metres of warehouse space in Yangon in support of its own food assistance operation and the vital humanitarian supplies of other UN agencies and NGOs. The warehouse allows for quick off-loading from the airport and onward delivery for the delta. In terms of temporary warehousing in delta, Labutta now has seven wiikhalls in place. Two are up in Pyapon.

WFP has purchased 10,000 tons of rice on the local market in Myanmar. A further 1,000 tons of beans have also been purchased in addition to 200 tons of salt.WFP is seeking to provide a full basket of rice, beans, cooking oil and salt. For the time-being, rice and high-energy biscuits are being prioritised.

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