Thursday, May 22, 2008

Myanmar axed EU aid offer

Nargis Cyclone hit Myanmar has asked India to send its army medical teams to assist relief operations an Indian official said Thursday. An Indian Air Force transport aircraft is planned to fly to Yangon on Saturday carrying a team of doctors and medical supplies, said the official who did not want to be identified.

Commissioner of European Union Lois Michael three days visit to Myanmar to offer humanitarian aid was refused by Junta rulers.

He asked for more visa and free entryof NGO and aid teams for six moths to move in Irradwaddy delta as the need of the hours.

"I urged the Burmese government to grant more visa and allow more expertise in so that there is more efficient response to the disaster" Commissioner said to journalist," I stressed that my mission was purely humanitarian and not political".Time is of the essence".

EU commissioner spoke to powerless minister and the supreme Genral Than Shwe has only the powers to make decision.His request to visit Irrawady delta is met along with sixty diplomates and heads of UN agency are arranged to take them in helicopters to site of catastrophe.

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