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Myanmar Nargis Cyclone death toll reach 1,00,000

Nargis Cyclone death toll reach 1,00,000;
2008-05-08 08:04:07 - US first lady Laura Bush"s recent remarks in which she suggested that India could help Yangon in a much better way than the United States, and that Myanmar"s military junta might accept help from New Delhi 'more readily".

India,China,Thailand and Malaysia are sending their aid to the Cyclone torn state of Burma by planes and ships.Myanmar which was called Burma is the most poorest nation and lives in recluse since the military Junta took over the reign in 1962.

The Irrawaddy delta 22 villages were completely destroyed the death toll could be crossing in the range of more than
one Lakh is located in southwestern.

Laputta Township was one of the first coastal areas to have been hit by the cyclone an estimate of 200,000 people live within Laputta Township.

Unofficial death is estimated more than 1,00,000 and Corpses can be seen everywhere in rice field as the Nargis waves more than 3.5 Meter heigh with speed of 190kmph has swept more fifty thousand people go missiing.Those who Survived cannot find food or water after week,local sources said that diarrhea has now affected a great number of people in the Irrawaddy Delta due to infection from corpses and dead fish hence death will bring the worst ever tragedy in Asia.

Myanamar government has not eased visa restriction and the aid workers with their logistic support are unable to move fast to give timely relief to the state with such devastating mayhem and suffering.

US and UN are making diligent effort to send aid." We have the US ambassador for ASEAN Scot Marciel in the region. And he is working the issue. We have also been in contact with China, Japan and India about their using whatever leverage and influence they might have with the Burmese regime," State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said.His remarks came in the backdrop of Speaking at a news conference two days ago, Laura Bush had said 'I think India can help. India is close on the border there. I think there are a lot of ways they could help and get help there quickly, and maybe the Burmese government would accept it more readily from the Indian government than they do from the US government".

Meanwhile, McCormack stated that the US government was in touch with the Burmese embassy to encourage access for US assistance and experts.

'We have also been in contact with neighbouring countries to Burma, including Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, to encourage them to use whatever leverage they may have with the Burmese government to allow assistance teams," he said.
As many as 80,000 people had died in the deadly cyclone Nargis which had hit Myanmar last week, according to Myanmar officials. PTI

US with initial aid of 2,50,000 dollar and EU sending 3 million dollars through its embassy in Rangoon. Humanitarian aids pouring in Burma from neighbouring countries,South Korea foreign ministry has said material worth 1,00,000 $ aid and Singapore assures for aid material worth 2,00,000$,UN is prepared to give aid from Central Emergency Response fund to redress peoples affected by Nargis cyclone in Burma.

Czech government will provide 2.5million crowns (155,000 U.S. dollars) of financial aid to the people of Myanmar hit by the recent cyclone, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zuzana Opletalova said Monday. The Czech aid will be provided through the International Committee of the Red Cross," the Czech news agency CTK quoted Opletalova as saying.

The German government is to provide 500,000 euros (around 775,000 U.S. dollars) to the people of Myanmar hit by the recent cyclone, German Foreign Ministry announced in Berlin Monday.Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier appealed to the Myanmar authorities to facilitate an effective assistance operation and to cooperate with international aid organizations. Cyclone Nargis had struck a further blow to the long-suffering people of the country, Steinmeier said, expressing his condolences to the families of those killed.

The Norwegian government has allocated 10 million krone (1.95 million U.S. dollars) to be used in emergency aid for cyclone-hit Myanmar, according to reports reaching here from Oslo Tuesday. The situation is extremely difficult for the Myanmar people hit by the recent cyclone, so the Norwegian government decided to provide emergency aid to Myanmar, Erik Solheim, Norwegian Minister of International Development said in a statement.

New Zealand will make a donation to help the relief effort in Myanmar, Prime Minister Helen Clark announced today as the death toll from the cyclone hit 15,000.Miss Clark said the size of the donation, which would be made through NZAID to a United Nations agency, would be announced shortly.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has also assured of medical aid and other supports to the Myanmar cyclone victims.

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