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Why we need a constitution reform?

Dear friends, fellow son’s and daughter’s of India,

Why we need a constitution reform? The question may be in your mind.
Please read it seriously and you will realize the need of constitution

We have been taught that Arya came from out side and Hindu is a
religion, The Vedas are songs of the shephards? We are moving round
the same unknowingly.

The most important branches of any country are education, medical, and
judiciary, they form the back bone of a Nation, In India, the
education Institutes, Medical, and judiciary are in the sphere of
Otherwise the 10 % commission is a culture of scam and corruption
every where, which has taken a shape just like a legal right every
where. It is managed by the caucus in the different departments.
Its full burden is on the Indian public, we all are the victims of the
same, and our future generation also will face the same.

India is passing through a crucial period with scams and corruption.
To blame any one is a political conspiracy, because no one can say
that he is not corrupt, as a voter in democracy we all are part in
background. India is a mature republic in the world with great
cultural heritage. When the constitution was framed India was immature
republic, people were suffering from poverty, illiteracy and communal
tension due to bifurcation of India on the name of so called hindu

Now India is mature responsible democratic country in the world, the
public is mature and mostly literate with their integrity in the
nation. Now the facts which we have acquired that ‘Hindu is not a
religion from remote past, it was a fabricated word of foreigners.

India is secular under ‘eternal religion’ from time immemorial with
spiritual freedom, so secularism should be redefined.
The Vedas are the oldest literary monuments of the human civilization
on the earth. They were beyond the reach of the scholars. And with
the discovery of Ancient Indus Valley Civilization by Sir John
Marshal, it has been concluded that Aryans came from out side, and the
Vedic hymns are barbarian shephard’s songs? Bcause Indus Valley was
scientifically developed and Indian rural culture was not in tune with
scientifically developed Indus Valley.
Now the seals have been deciphered and the Vedic hymns have been
decoded. It reveals the fact that Vedic metaphors have been engraved
on the seals. They explore their scientific achievements in the field
of ‘Biotechnology’ and DNA in particular, with its scientific literary
evidences in the Vedic hymns.

Now we have the answer that Vedas are the books of Science, where
The knowledge has been expressed in metaphors and riddles.
The Aryan means well cultured, the Aryans are native of India. Hindu
is not a religion as advocated by the foreigners.

We should avoid to blame particularly to Honourable Man Mohan Singh or
Sonia Gandhi, Dr.Man Mohan Singh is a honest man and Mrs. Sonia is
serving like Anny Bessent, they are serving the nation with their
limitations, and the backbone of the congress and the India at
present. Otherwise mushroom growth of the political parties may have
done havoc.

If we want to remove them from the power is only to give way for other
(UPA OR NDA). It will not solve the problem? To rule over the country
is their motto, on the name of secularism or on the name of Hindu?
They are doing their job following British conspiracy to divide and
rule after independence.

The main cause of corruption and scam is parliamentary democracy and
the present bureaucratic system. Under this the system of education is
responsible for the present situation of chaos in India, no ethics, no
regards for the Indian culture and human values.

It is not out of way to explore that the main principle of congress is
secularism, and Hindu agenda is the principle of BJP. “ the Hindu is
not a religion” on which ground secularism and Hindutva are Political
slogan on the name of minority and majority. Due to this the
minorities and low caste have been considered as foreigners, so as to
satisfy them with reservation? It is a vote bank policy only.
The demand of the resignation of the PM, or inquiry by JPC are only to
divert the public from the root cause of the scam, and its
beneficiaries. The demand of Lok Ayukta bill is a mirage to check the
corruption, it may be a political movement to acquire power in the
The eternal truth is one and the same for all. It is not a illusion.
The same is the Creator as Universal Soul, and the consciousness in
the physical body is known as Soul. The fundamental energy, from where
the creation came into the existence, to it the scientists call as
Gravitational force is the eternal truth of all religion.
The basic fact of all Religion

The God and Soul is a scientific fact. We can not divide it with name.
The fundamental energy - gravitational force is the omnipotent,
omnipresent, omniscient God and Soul of the religious scriptures. The
life energy known as gravitational force, appears at its own with the
movement of the sap in the cell body in the first cell with birth. It
maintains its continuity with cell division. With ageing and death of
the physical cell body, it disappears at its own.

The concept of the Religious scriptures that one has to face the
consequences of his deeds is also having a scientific base. The DNA is
universally present in the living-beings. It records the deeds of an
individual in its language code. The DNA is immortal through cell
division. Accordingly one has to face the consequences of his deeds
with opening of the language on the DNA in the womb. Accordingly under
the laws of God and Soul, an individual lead a new life with birth,
with repercussions of his deeds of his previous birth. It is known as
fate or Prarabdh. Due to this even the time twins have different
At cellular level we all are related with each other with common
ancestry in DNA.
A call for the constitution reform is the need of our nation.


A call for the constitution reform is the need of our nation. The
needed reforms.

1. We all should come forward unanimously for the amendment in the
constitution that “ The eternal truth is one and the same for all, we
trust in it.” So that in future no such problem can be raised.
Secularism should be redefined with reference to ‘eternal religion’
Hindu is not a religion in remote past. It is a foreigner’s slogan.
India has a caste based society. The spiritual freedom is the identity
of India.

2. India should switch over to Presidential system of Govt. from
Parliamentary system. The religious conversion is motivated by the
vote bank policy, it influences the local elections of the Member of
parliament, hence the political parties either support or oppose it.
It can be checked by the Presidential system, and direct voting for
the President and C.M of the state. It can check the mushroom growth
of the political parties also, who have no national agenda.
3. To stop the corruption and scam, there must be a law to acquire and
seize the property of culprits immediately with imprisonment.
4. The 2G scam has shaken the country , it require nationalization of
the telecommunication sectors immediately to check the movement.
5. To recover the black money the 500/ and 1000/ currency should be
cancelled with immediate effect.

Keep in mind that all political parties will be against this? Shri
Anna Hazare should prepare the Indians for constitution reforms, not
only for ‘Lok Ayukta bill’ only. Lok Ayukta bill may be political
agenda of the politicians. If system will be changed than the foreign
money will come back to India easily with restoration of ethics.


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