Saturday, April 30, 2011

A call for constitution reform

My dear friends,
I have given a call for constitution reform I am not a Anna or Baba
Ram deo, The fight against corruption will be flop with time, because
only Lokayukta bill is not sufficient, it will be according to the
constitution, which we have adopted after indepence, when India was
immature republic, People were suffering from povert and iliteracy.
Now India is mature republic and people have awaken for their right.
Now we are not shephard whom any one can drive in one direction.
We have been taught that Aryan came from out side, and Vedic hymns are
shephard's song?
Accordingly, Hindu and muslim conflict has been raised with conspiracy
of the British rulers. The political parties have compromised with
this on the name of vote bank under secularism. Although India is
secular from time immemorial under 'eternal religion' Hindu is term
for Indians only, It is not a ritualistic religion as compared to the
Christian or Muslim, On the name of the so called 'Hindu religion' the
Britishers have divided India and Indians. The political parties have
compromized with this to rule over the country. The politicians are
actual rulers now, why they will try to bring the truth in light?
Their base of vote bank is secularism - Dharma-nirpekshata and
Hindutva, both are only the weapon to attract the vote bank with false
Accordingly lord Mcalley has given the education policy and British
Govt. has constututed the constitution, which we have adopted after
independence. In this refrence we are still mental slave of the
Btritishers? We have not taken the cogninzence of this, and could not
find the solution for national integrity and ethics. Under
Parliamentary democracy and bureaucracy the corruption has spread in
all direction. First Indians should know their great cultural
heritage, than the constitution reform should be there. Otherwise
mushroom groth of political parties to cash the corruption issue of
Anna and Baba Ramdeo will be the issues of the political parties also
for the vote bank. Again we will be on same platform, Govt. of any
party or allience will rule over the country with divide and rule
We should prepare the public for the presidential system of Govt. with
lesser political parties with international and national ethics.
The Antiquity of India in Vedic Science

Dr. C.P. Trivedi

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