Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fali S. Nariman:Nothing will be done unless “Civil Society” takes it up.

When asked why the two days conference at India international center didn’t talk about the effectiveness of the Lok Pal to ensure restitution of monies stacked abroad?

In my stint in the Rajya Sabha I had repeatedly drawn attention of the Government benches, of the huge amounts stacked abroad and the need to do something about it. Everyone congratulated me on the intervention but nothing was done. In one of my speeches I had also suggested nationalisation of all accounts held in Swiss Banks with a provision that moneys legitimately there would be paid back by the Custodian of the nationalised accounts in Banks in Switzerland to the holders – It was met with silence. But there was no positive response from the Government (neither the BJP Government nor the UPAI Government.

So take heart NOTHING WILL BE DONE – unless the wow-much maligned expression “Civil Society” takes it up.

Fali S. Nariman

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