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UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari concrete action about democracy in Myanmar

UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari concrete action about democracy in Myanmar

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UN envoy on his six nation tour to Asian countries to stimulate Asian nations play important role in resolving Myanmar crisis in pursuing, stressing the need of Burma to restore to democracy in wake of sanctions imposed by European union and United States of America for the citizen of Myanmar to enjoy peaceful political and socio life.

UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari today asked India to act with concrete action in regard to bringing about democracy in Myanmar.

Gambari, met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today, said he had conveyed a message from UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon with regard to early solution to the problem in Myanmar.

"Theoretically, all of us can do more," he told reporters here when asked about his expectations from India in resolving the crisis in Myanmar.

He said he expects India to continue to encourage the authorities in Yangon to work with the United Nations to achieve the common objective of peaceful, stable and prosperous Myanmar that embarks on a national reconciliation process.

Gambari said he was "very satisfied" by India's response and stressed on the need for "qualitative results" for accelerated democratisation process.

UN envoy will visit China next as a part of his six-nation tour to urge Asian countries to take lead in resolving the crisis in Myanmar in the wake of enhance sanctions from the US and the European Union.

Praising China for its efforts in Myanmar, he said "China has been quite helpful to the secretary general and to me personally by getting consent of the government of Myanmar for my last visit during the crisis and also to allow to me stay longer. I am going to Beijing to acknowledge that." Gambari said he was counting on China and others to work with the Government of Myanmar. PTI

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