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Myanmar NLD Leader Suu Kyi turns 63 on June 19

2008-06-21 08:17:42 - Aung San Suu Kyi's 63rd birthday June 19 in Rangoon, international organizations and activists remain persistent in linking Burma's political stage with the humanitarian crisis following Cyclone Nargis.August 8,2008 being numerology better omen day for revolution to take place opposition leader ask army to go to barracks on this days and let saffron revolution to prevail.Myanmar Junta on the other hand is keeping alert vigil on total situation.

In the Nargis Mayhem May 02-03,2008 saw Myanmar killing more than 78000 people deads and more than 56000 missing in Irrawaddy delta,Deadly tropical cyclone Nargis, which occurred over the Bay of Bengal, hit five divisions and states Ayeyawaddy, Yangon, Bago, Mon and Kayin on last May 2-3, of which Ayeyawaddy and Yangon inflicted the heaviest casualties and massive infrastructural damage. The storm has killed 77,738 people and left 55,917 missing and 19,359 injured, according to official released death toll.

This 19 June birthday to Aung San Suu Kyi's 63rd birthday present we can give to our beloved leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. The lone candle we can light on her birthday cake is the eternal truth for all of us. If she is the icon of Saffron Revolution, we must be the saffron flames so that our future will be bright.Nay Than Maung writes in Mizzima news.

Women's League of Burma said "In times of trouble and disaster, we all need to hear the voice and reassurance of the people we trust. To heal from this dreadful disaster, the people of Burma need to hear and see their leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi." The words came as part of a campaign for the release of Suu Kyi and other political prisoners under the slogan, "Vote NO to One more day."

The Burmese military junta authorities have been closely watching the National League for Democracy (NLD) youth wing meeting. Security personnel kept an eye while the meeting was in progress.

The Swanahshin, riot police and intelligence personnel arrived at the party office this morning in police and prison vans while the opposition political party was holding its regular meeting at the party office in Bahan Township, Rangoon.

"There are eight Swanahshin vehicles at the Kyaukse Prayer Hall, adjacent to the party office. Swanahshin members are sitting there. Five Swanahshin Toyota Dyna light trucks with about 200 men are waiting in the Yuzana Centre premises across the Old Yetashe Road," a party official of the NLD Youth Information Department said.

The Youth wing leaders from 30 townships in Rangoon Division held their bi-annual meeting last month and deliberated on their constitutional referendum experiences, a party official of the Information Department said.

"I think they became anxious after watching all youth leaders come to hold this meeting," a youth wing leader who attended the meeting said.

Ministry of Home Affairs sources said that intelligence personnel are keeping a record of the youth leaders who attended the meeting.

The letter by Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy praised Suu Kyi's 'exceptional courage and dedication to your people.'

Her release from house arrest and freedom to participate in determining the future of Myanmar remained essential, said the latter, published as Brown and Sarkozy were meeting in Paris ahead of attending the European Union (EU) summit in Brussels later Thursday.

'We call on the government of Burma to set in motion, without delay, a fully inclusive political process which involves representatives of the full range of civil opposition and ethnic groups,' the letter said.Bold initiatives and compromises were now required as the present situation in Myanmar was 'neither satisfactory nor sustainable,' the leader said.

EU's targeted sanctions against the Burmese junta are still having a limited effect on the regime, thus falling short of the objectives sought. It therefore reiterates its call on the Council "to take further steps and effectively hamper access by the junta to the EU's financial system" and "calls on the Council and the Member States to monitor closely, and ensure the effective application of, the targeted sanctions".

Democratic Alliance of Burma general-secretary Kyaw Nyunt said August 8 was an opportunity for the people of Burma to seek the justice they had been denied for decades.

At a recent meeting on the Thai-Burma border, he urged the soldiers to return to their barracks on August 8 and allow the people to protest.

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