Thursday, February 5, 2009

UN efforts in Myanmar fail for democracy

2009-02-05 04:35:21 - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is on a visit to Pakistan and India. Gambari arrived in Yangon over the weekend for a four-day visit, his fifth in the past year and a half but has made little headway in getting a dialogue for reconciliation started and persuade the military government to move towards democracy.

UN's inability to prevail upon the ruling military junta to expedite democratic reforms in the country.During an hour long meeting with a top UN official, Ibrahim Gambari, Suu Kyi said that despite his efforts he failed to get pro-democracy leaders released or even convince the junta to put the country on the path of democracy.A spokesman for National League for
Democracy (NLD) was quoted as saying, that 63 year old, Suu Kyi is prepared to meet anyone but there has to be some outcome.During Gambari's last visit also, Suu Kyi had expressed displeasure with the efforts of the UN official and refused to meet him. The military Junta had come to power in 1988 after crushing a pro-democracy movement.

Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who has spent 13 of last 19 years in detention, stressed that the talks should aim at achieving reforms which would lead to a democratic set up.UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon had visited Myanmar in May, after Cyclone Nargis struck the country.

UN spokesperson would not go beyond confirming the meeting of Gambari who is visiting Myanmar as part of the mandate given to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon by the General Assembly to use his good office to bring about national reconciliation in the country.
Ban Ki-moon in Kabul

Ban Ki-moon paid surprise visit to the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Wednesday and as the United States prepares to send in more troops in the country in the face of a resurgent Taliban, Ban said the United Nations was strongly committed to delivering peace in the country.Ban said he is to give Afghanistan the UN's full support ensuing General elections due in August this year.'This year is going to be a very important and a crucial year for the Afghanistan people and government in many aspects, in addressing security challenges and also establishing fuller democracy and development and prosperity,' Ban said at a joint media conference with president Hamid Karzai.

Ban Ki‑Moon in Pakistan

UN chief said he was aware that the issue of her assassination was a matter of great importance to the people of Pakistan.'On the basis of our extensive consultations with the government of Pakistan and members of the Security Council, I intend to establish very shortly an independent commission of inquiry headed by a very distinguished person, whom I am going to nominate soon,' Secretary-General Ban said at a banquet hosted by President Asif Ali Zardari.
Ambassador of Chile to the UN, Mr Heraldo Munoz, would lead the three-member UN inquiry commission.Mr Dar Usman of Indonesia will be a member of the commission and the third member will be from Sweden whose name still to be ascertained.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki‑Moon on Wednesday stressed the need for resumption of composite dialogue between India and Pakistan to resolve all bilateral issues including the Kashmir dispute. Talking to reporters at the PM House, alongwith Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Ban Ki‑Moon said cordial relations between the two south Asian neighbours were beneficial for peace and stability in the subcontinent.'The cooperative and friendly relations between India and Pakistan are not only beneficial for the two countries but also desirable for peace and stability in the subcontinent.'He urged Pakistan to fully cooperate with Indian government in its investigation into Mumbai attacks. He was appreciative of Pakistan government enacting a law which will punish those involved in terrorist activities even outside Pakistan.

'That is very commendable..I hope this will be emulated by other countries in the world,' he said.Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said such a law already existed and there was no need for fresh legislation in this regard.

He reiterated that Pakistan will never allow its soil to be used for terrorist activities against any country.He said in order to curb the menace of terrorism, there is a need to expedite the Biden‑Lugar bill for setting of ROZs in troubled areas of FATA and war on terror could not be won by force alone.In reply to a question Prime Minister Gilani said that drone attacks were counter productive in the war against terror and stressed that instead there is a need to win the minds and hearts of the people in tribal areas.He said without the support of these people, this war cannot be won. The militants, he added, should also be isolated from the local tribes.

The UN Secretary General said the world community must demonstrate concerted commitment in combating terrorism.He said security and development were interrelated therefore these issues should be addressed in a comprehensive way.In this regard he also called for starting interfaith dialogue and lauded Saudi Arabia for launching a similar initiative.

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