Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bombs explode in Rangoon

Two bombs exploded in the space of an hour in Padomma Park, Sanchaung, Rangoon and at the Hledan bus stop.The first bomb exploded in Padomma Park, Sanchaung on March 3 at 9:45 p.m. It was so loud that it could be heard from even half mile away but there was no casualty.

When the Mizzima reporter reached the blast scene, the area was being combed by security teams comprising MI personnel, traffic police and local policemen. Howeever security was not beeefed up so people from nearby places came and watched the combing operation.

But at about 11 p.m. after being alerted, the security team hurriedly left the place and rushed to Hledan junction.It is reported that another bomb exploded at Hledan bus stop on the Rangoon-Insein bus route.The Rangoon-Insein road was sealed as soon as the security team arrived at Hledan from Myenigon.An eyewitness said the bomb exploded at 10:50 p.m. and it could be heard from San Yeik Nyein bus stop, half a mile away from the blast.

The Insein Road was cut off near 'Win' restaurant between San Yeik Nyein bus stop and Hledan bus stop.It is learnt that this bomb exploded in front of a copier shop near the Traffic Police office at Hledan bus stop (Rangoon-Insein lane side, eastern side of the road). When the bomb exploded, a bus of route No. 97 coming from Rangoon downtown had just stopped at the bus stop with only eight passengers onboard. There was no casualty but the blast ripped off the roof of the bus stop which was flung a few feet, an eyewitness from a shop opposite the road said.

People from nearby places came to the blast site but they were pushed back by the police. Arguments and brawls were witnessed at the bomb blast site when the police started pushing them forcibly out of the scene.

'Whole Burma United Revolutionary Front' (WBURF), has claimed responsibility for yesterday's bomb blasts in Rangoon, according to a statement issued today.Their statement No. 2/2009 sent to Mizzima through email reveals these serial bomb blasts are the first stage of the 'battle cry' for toppling the military dictators and they were ready to escalate such attacks in future.Since the 'Burmese people' are devout citizens, they do not want terrorism. However, in the past, the ruling junta has ruthlessly killed peaceful demonstrators, who were struggling for freedom from their plight, the statement says.WBURF said that peaceful demonstrations, issuing statements, asking for concrete action from the UN and foreign governments, would not work towards the emergence of a civilian government and elimination of current general crises faced by the people in Burma. Therefore, they have launched this ‘retaliatory bomb blast’ measure, the statement says.They could not accept the proposed 2010 general elections, which would only help prolong military rule.They also did not accept the release of only a handful of political prisoners in the recent amnesty for over 6,000 prisoners. If the UN, foreign governments and NGOs blindly supported this move, they would be the most pitiful blind people groups in the world, the statement ironically said.

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