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Myanmar nuclear Capabilities

Myanmar nuclear capabilities

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2009-08-03 06:37:29 - Myanmar impoverished economy tread nuclear potential to grow into a nuclear power with help of Russia,North Korea,China thus another Nuclear state in region of Asia.Myanmar was carrying out a secret weapons program backed by Pyongyang and hopes to have an atomic bomb within five years, Fairfax newspapers reported at theweekend.

Globe remain focused on the clandestine nuclear programme of North Korea and Iran, reports are filtering in that Myanmar's isolated military junta may be just a few years from testing its first atomic bomb. Myanmar rich natural reserves of nuclear material plutonium,uranium, thorium,Pyongyong collaboration is to secure supply of uranium from Yangon's,the huge reserves .

Detailed reports from Journalist Thai-based
Irish-Australian, Phil Thornton, an Australian journalist based on the Thai-Myanmar border says Burma building a secret nuclear reactor and plutonium extraction facility with the assistance of North Korea is buzz story of North Korea and Myanmar going nuclear with facilitater Russia.Burmese defecters said in press Burma has enlisted North Korea and Russia to develop a reactor capable of producing one nuclear bomb a year by 2014, own nuclear bomb within the next five years.Myanmar therefore needs to build a plutonium reprocessing plant and to build such plant is planned in Naung Laing, central Myanmar, where Russian technicians are already “teaching plutonium reprocessing,” the army defector, Moe Jo, an alias, told the investigators.

Sydney Morning Herald has reported citing two key junta defectors that the key far-eastern nation is building a secret nuclear reactor and plutonium extraction facilities with North Korea's help.

Trevor Wilson, a former Australian ambassador to Burma, said reports of Rangoon's military rulers pursuing a nuclear weapons program were suspect.The Myanmarese military has sited the reactor in mountain caves inter-linked by deep tunnels at Naung Laing in Northern part of the country, apparently to camouflage it from detection by satellites. The paper said the secret complex runs parallel to a civilian reactor being built at another site by Russia that both the Moscow and Yangon authorities say will be put under international safeguards.

The revelations by the Australian Daily come as US Naval Warships recently shadowed a North Korean commercial vessel bound for Myanmar, suspecting it to be carrying contraband nuclear and missile components. However, the ship was not intercepted.North Korean-Myanmar collaboration in nuclear armaments was raised US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to Thailand last month to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum.

To a plea of Myanmar’s non-military nuclear ambitions are nonsense. Tin Min, a former employee of the junta-connected Htoo Trading Company,“How many hospitals in Burma have nuclear science? Burma can barely get electricity up and running. It’s nonsense,” Tin Win, an alias, said.

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