Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brazil to elect new president

Nksagar-Sagar Media Inc :Brazil to elect new president
Ruling party candidate Dilma Rousseff goes into Sunday's second-round run-off with double-digit poll lead her double digit lead over rival Jose Serra on the last day of campaigning.Rousseff to become Brazil's first woman president. In her address on Saturday, she exhibited confident tone, after double digit lead over Serra in the final polls published before the vote and said "I will govern for all Brazilians. There will be no discrimination of parties. I won't govern only for my coalition," a beaming Rousseff told reporters in the state capital Belo Horizonte. There were four opinion polls released on Saturday which gave Rousseff a lead of between 10 and 12 percentage points, following a televised debate between the candidates late on Friday."We should win with a minimum advantage of 10 percentage points and a maximum of 15 points," said Andre Vargas, communications secretary of Rousseff's Workers' Party. Dilma Rousseff, 62, Lula's former chief of staff, whom the president handpicked to succeed him. She calls Lula's two terms a "true revolution" and tells Brazilians that a vote for her in Sunday's run-off presidential election is a vote for continuity. Fernando Henrique Cardoso,says his administration created the economic stability that allowed the country to eventually flourish."To be frank, the novelty, the change in terms of the orientation of the Brazilian society and government, was done in my period," Cardoso said in an interview last week. "Of course, Lula did a series of good things, too. The way he managed the recent international crisis was correct. But I started it." Cardoso regarded an intellectual and a prolific writer whose books on his two-term presidency, which ended in 2002. An academic who once dabbled with Marxism and spent years in exile during Brazil's military dictatorship, he is seen by political observers as a gentleman politician who has largely avoided public tussles since leaving office. Reports Media agencies:

Brazil Second oil well -the Libra well located 183 kilometers off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in the Santos Basin holds between 3.7 and 15 billion barrels of oil is comparable to the giant Tupi discovery announced in 2007 thus stage among top fuel energy producers :

Brazil’s Ground oil reserves up to 29 billion barrels, in line with one of the top ten petroleum producers in the world.Brazil discovered billions of barrels of oil in offshore reserves in the past two years, pre-salt fields off at its southeast coast.

Petrobras subscribed $42.5bn value shares to the government in exchange for the rights to 5bn barrels of pre-salt oil last month: Media agencies

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