Friday, May 6, 2011

The happening in Burma

Media reports the Out of bound site in the ethnic states of Burma, where journalists and diplomats are banned from visiting, the dictatorship has stepped up attacks against ethnic minorities.

Last month we received reports from local organisations in Shan State, Eastern Burma, telling us how the Burmese Army has been gang-raping women, torturing villagers, executing them, and firing mortar bombs into their villages. Many are taken as slaves to carry supplies for the Burmese Army.The new attacks started when the dictatorship broke a ceasefire agreement and with an armed ethnic political party, the Shan State Army ­ North. They had refused to join the Burmese Army, and so they were attacked. And as usual,the Burmese Army targeted civilians, raping, looting and killing.
What is happening in Burma is similar to what has happened in Libya and
Syria ­ a brutal regime targeting civilians. But the response could not be
more different. On Libya there is international action, on Syria there is
international condemnation, but on Shan State, Burma, there is silence.
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