Sunday, April 29, 2012

"It was presumed that Independent India will emerge as a strong nation fully integrated,wedded to secularism and democratic values.It was believed that India with a rich heritage will make its valuable contribution for establishing respect for human values: equality and peace being the essence of democracy and secularism,but such pious hopes were belied by recent trends in our social life is crux," said  Sardar Daya Singh  during his media briefing today at Gandhi peace Foundation New Delhi who has just completed his peace journey at Varanasi bank of Ganga river,journey  initiated on 15 April 2012 from bank of Vaini Nadi River at Sultanpur Lodhi in Punajb..

Haq-e-Aman Yatra, cosmopolitan peace march to promote the religious tolerance,create an environment to resolve the communal conflicts through dialogue, reached New Delhi Sunday. Peace journey includes representatives of various Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Gandhian organisations, commenced their yatra from Kali Bein at Sultanpur Lodhi from where Guru Nanak Dev started his First Udasi.

Briefing the media Saradar Daya Singh said,"Our main aim of the yatra was peace for the nation and to inculcate the feeling of brotherhood and integrating the society at large.Further he added most of the people of India about 90% are good citizen who wants to live in harmony but the rest of people created disharmony amongst the society for their personnel motives." On the question raised by media,"Do the society makes model leader or the leader makes the model society." Sardar Daya Singh replied both must work together to bring balance in the society for the welfare of the people.Radha Bhatt who also participated in the journey remarked that we must create good social activists bank of good people for our leadership at all levels.
Sardar Daya Singh also appealed to the governance community  not to continue in one post for more than 2-3 terms for MP,Ministers and Prime Ministers as is prevalent practice in other countries to strengthen the democratic institutions.

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