Monday, July 30, 2012

Memorandum on communal clash in Western Assam

Shri L. K. Advani
Hon’ble Former Deputy Prime Minister, MP and senior leader of BJP
30 Prithvi Raj Road, New Delhi - 110 003
Phone No: 011-23794124, 011-23794125
Fax No. : 011-23017419, E-mail:
Dated, Kokrajhar, 30th July 2012

Subject:  A memorandum for urgent intervention to stop the on-going communal clashes in Boroland Territorial Council and other parts of western Assam.

Most respected Sir,

We the undersigned for and on behalf of Peoples’ Joint Action Committee for Boroland Movement (PJACBM), a conglomeration of 52 organisations of all the ethnic communities living in the northern bank of Brahmaputra and on behalf of peace loving common people of Assam would like to appreciate and thank you for your kind visit to this riot hit Kokrajhar in Boroland Territorial Council of Assam in this needy hour for confidence rebuilding for peace and harmony among different sections of people.  While appreciating your kind visit, we would like to draw the following serious facts for your kind attention and necessary urgent intervention.

As you are aware of the fact that an unfortunate incidents of communal clash between the simple, straight forward and peace loving Boro Indigenous People and hostile migrants settlers belonging to religious Muslim Community provoked and aided by some miscreants across the Indo-Bangla boarder is erupting in the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) and other parts of western Assam. This incident broke out suddenly and took communal colour following the gruesome murders of four Boro Indigenous youths by some unidentified miscreants belonging to Muslim Community at Jaipur, a Muslim village which is just one kilometer away from the Kokrajhar Police station on 19 July at about 8 pm, reportedly instigated by some armed anti-social elements who have penetrated from across the international boarder through Dhubri and took shelter in the Muslim dominated villages to deliberately create social tension inciting for communal violence between the native Boros and the migrant shelters.

That Sir, the situation has turned out to be very serious and worsening day by day spreading in other parts of Assam which have already claimed more than 60 innocent lives belonging to both communities. Several villages are burnt down and more than 4,000, 00 people are rendered homeless who are presently taking shelter in more than 250 relief camps after being forced to flee their homes for their lives. Though, the present situation appeared to be improving slightly but internally remained alarming due to lack of adequate security arrangement and failure of the local administration to tackle the situation effectively, especially failure to nib the continued provocations to indulge in communal clashes by the reportedly presence of external forces in the Muslim dominated villages.

That Sir, we strongly feel that the outbreak of this violence is mainly due to a deep political conspiracy hatched by certain anti-social elements who have been conspiring to divide the people in BTC of Assam in community lines and to incite for communal violence to destabilise the emotional integration, peace and tranquility among the different sections of the people living in the present BTC areas. The formation of so called democratic organization by name and style of “Ana Boro Suraskya Samity (Non Boro Protection Forum)  and its activities in connivance with its communal member organizations like All Minority Students’ Union (AMSU) and All Bodoland Minority Students’ Union (ABMSU) have been systematically propagating and instigating all the communal forces to isolate the peace loving Boro Indigenous People and directing  communal forces  to target and attack on the Boros in the Bodoland Territorial Council areas.  The modus operandi of inciting the communal hatred of those anti Boro organisations is same as those of Talibans in other parts of the world. They have been carrying out systematic hatred campaigns not only against the Boros but also have been conspiring to involved other ethnic communities which is most unfortunate, condemnable and against the human rights of the peace loving ethnic communities. The Boro Indigenous People have been living in perfect peace for more than 5000 years in their land and territories with other ethnic communities like Garos, Rabhas, Rajbongshis, Barman-Kacharis, Tiwas, Karbis and many other natives.  But it is a serious concern for peace loving Indigenous People of Assam today to witness the unabated formation and growth of such communal organizations with their ugly intension of fueling social tension which is against the spirit of a plural society and threat to the unity, peace and tranquility among different sections of the people and a serious threat to the integrity of the nation.

That Sir, we strongly feel that the present situation is compounded due to an evil design and a systematic deep political conspiracy of certain anti tribal elements not only to defunct the present BTC administration but also to sabotage the on-going forty five years legitimate peaceful democratic movement of the Boro Indigenous people for separate state of Boroland and to derail the on-going peace dialogue   between the NDFB (P) and the Government of India.

That Sir, we would like to affirm you that the ongoing communal clash is nothing but a direct result of the conspiracy and provocation of the said communal Taliban like forces with an ugly design to turn Assam to be another Kashmir who have stooped so low not only to create serious low and order situation and subsequent communal clashes threatening the lives and properties of the common peoples living in the BTC areas but also to experiment their long term strategy of jihadi style of aggression of Assam.

We therefore, on behalf of the Peoples’ Joint Action Committee and on behalf of the peace loving Indigenous Peoples of Assam and all the ethnic communities of proposed Boroland strongly urge your honour to urgently intervene in the matters to:

1)            stop the burning situation of communal clashes immediately;
2)            arrest the culprits involved in designing and fomenting the communal clashes;
3)            order a CBI inquiry to investigate the whole matters leading to communal violence;
4)            provide adequate security arrangement in sensitive areas and to provide   immediate sufficient relief materials including food, drinking water, clothes   and medicines in the
               relief camps of communal clashes belonging to both communities;

5)            provide adequate compensation to the bereaved families and injured victims of communal clashes;

6.            stop unabated influx of Bangladeshi migration into Assam and identify and deport all the illegal settlers in Assam;

7.            clear the Tribal Belts and Blocks from illegal encroachers in Assam;

8.            update NRC of Assam on the base year of 1951.

   Looking forward to having your serious consideration and urgent intervention.

                                                     Sincerely yours,

(Jebra Ram Muchahary)                           (Usup Ali)                                   (Matilal Barman) 
       Chief Convenor                                  Convenor                                        Convenor

(Nitul Bharali)                                       (Shekhar Sharma)                           (Sanjib Hajong)
    Convenor                                                 Convenor                                    Convenor

(Manjil Basumatary)                           (Phomen Borgoyary)                           (Prabhu Pawe)
    Joint Convenor                                         Member                                       Convenor

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