Sunday, May 29, 2016

War wreck the EU – Russia at the doorstep

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Naresh Kumar Sagar
War wreck the EU – Russia at the doorstep: what is the significant of wars in Kabul,Baghdad now in Damascus ? Last destination is all sacred of meeting point ofvarious civilization and the confluence of dynasty and democratic.This in way of rule establishment,cause civil wars,fighting its way.In this nodal point not Waring faction but multi prong dimensions. The great powers and equally powerful allies may know the the more fighting continue the global recession to continue and its adverse effect on two global axis. The giants like Russia due to its depletion economy and migration pressure on EU both end feel the pinch.. Visionary has thus making their prophetic announcement that either EU disintegrates or Russian-collapse but the mist obvious winner emerge the dollar on in its strength with its economy on sound footing.Oil decline not only to its demand but to cutting economy size of the Red states economy special Russia and its allies to bite dust, China-makes further hurricane efforts in economy,in-spite of Beijing poking nature on its neighbors most of them complaining about big brother grossboss tendency even by Russia in sneak.Thus 2016 opening centurion years remind of new power axis or shifting of various education and intellect with consonance of traditional and modern value. The power of ethics and economy and who to be most powerful race with latest skill of army to capture world imagination on rise,?
Africa next best destination of Century With growing war wrecked countries and add fuel to fire the global economy crisis make way forAfrican states to its glorious days . More foreigners and Europeans companies and people to rule thus America African mix can be African EU mix next buzz in this century.Space for those who need extra ANSI pendent environment for growth the Africa the next destination for security and economy surge people next choice.

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