Saturday, October 15, 2016

Criminologist Demands Laws against Crimes committed by Virtual Property Owners
Virtual Criminal Act were usually a terminology on in-game crimes but the same are coming to life since we cannot physically see the game player of these virtual identities says Criminologist Snehil Dhall

Mumbai: The “space” in cyberspace refers to certain internet resources, like URL (Uniform Resource Locator), domain names, email accounts, virtual worlds, and more. The term cyberspace is used as a analogy since most online resources mimic physical properties, for instance, a chat room is, in many ways, similar to a conference room; a URL is similar to real estate in the real world and any account holder with such space either on phone or web are similar to tenants and landlords. The research on various criminal offensives was verified on virtual platforms like JustDial - a Phone Search Engine due to which the organized crime has been identified. The evidence and witness are recognized public information and can be verified by anyone by just calling these phone search engines.

As per current Criminal Laws, if any criminal activity is committed by the Tenant/Employee then even the Landlord/Owner of that physical Property is prosecuted, since it’s assumed that the platform was catered to the criminal by the landlord. The property owner is prosecuted even if he/she is not part of the crime or wasn’t aware of any procedures of allocating the space whatsoever. The same is not applicable of virtual property or `platforms owners i.e. Just Dial, Ask me and other such Phone Search Engine which carries similar documentations as compared to the ones used between Tenant-Landlord. Maximum numbers of Organized Crime are committed by using such phone, website, social media platforms and should be prosecuted in the similar manner or the laws should be revoked for the tenant-landlord responsibilities as well. Even an event organizer or restaurant brand owner are held responsible for not verifying each and every individual who comes to the event and no mercy has been shown if any of these individual are committing any criminal offense. There are various licenses; procedures and money involved to satisfy the physical establishments but the scrutiny for virtual activities are not implemented.

It is very easy for any professional white-collar to operate from different jurisdictions and escape since companies like Just Dial register such criminals from various locations and it is impossible to trace them. The personal details are forwarded to professional criminals without the permission of the caller since the Just Dial takes huge amount of registration fees from companies to provide intellectual property of the caller. The situation against web search engine is comparatively much better since the details of individual searcher doesn’t go to the company at all but with phone search engines the callers personal details are misused for various purposes. Criminal Clearance Certificate and/or government registration should be taken for every company registered with such platforms since these companies further sell the database for either professional or criminal activities. Effective verifications should be conducted by Criminal Justice System of all the account holders and the virtual property owners should be held responsible for allowing criminal activities that are conducted by using their platforms. In addition, all Investors/Banks/Share Holders should refrain their funding to such companies till the verification of all their account holders are justified and a monitoring system has been placed by these companies to verify criminal activities carried on their virtual platforms.
Crimeophobia Files: 15/10/2016 
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