Tuesday, October 25, 2016

IRRI and InnovaonThe Internaonal Rice Research Instute (IRRI) is a non-prot independent rice researchand training organizaon with headquarter in Los Banos, Laguna in the Philippines andoces in seventeen countries including India. IRRI’s innovaon is known for its work indeveloping rice variees that contributed to the Green Revoluon in the 1960s whichpreempted the famine in Asia. IRRI’s mission is to reduce poverty and hunger, improve thehealth of rice farmers and consumers, and ensure environmental sustainability throughcollaborave research, partnerships, and the strengthening of naonal agricultural researchand extension systems. IRRI’s one of the major innovaon for the farming sector is developing rice variees(Popularly known as STRVs-Stress tolerant rice variees) that can withstand condionsforecast to become more frequent and intense with climate change. This includes drought,3ood, heat, cold, and soil problems like high salt and iron toxicity. IRRI breeders use abreeding method known as marker-assisted breeding. It helps breeders incorporate specicdesirable traits into new variees with more accuracy and speed. Through di4erent 3agshipprojects like STRASA, Stress tolerant rice for Africa and South Asia; with support of naonalinstuons and di4erent extension networks; these STRVs or climate smart rice are showingsubstanal, posive impacts in the lives of poor farmers.In another breakthrough, IRRI has developed Rice Crop Manager, an ICTbased decision making tool, to provide farmers with crop and nutrient management advicefor Rice -Based cropping systems customized to farming condions and needs with an aim toincrease farmer's income and improve livelihood. In an approach towards improve livelihood in addion to food security, the project CSISA,Cereal Systems Iniave for South Asia ; works towards increasing the producvity of cereal-based cropping systems in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. Resource conversaon,mechanizaon, improved agronomy, cropping system etc. constute the major approachesin the iniave

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