Sunday, November 13, 2016

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For this new smart city venture, hopefully small is beautiful - While corporate giants and big cities are adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technology at a fervent pace, a new venture seeks to help smaller businesses and towns take advantage of IoT’s vast poten...

Open Letter by a CA blasting Arvind Kejriwal for misguiding India on Rs 2000 Notes- Must check – TheLotPot

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Twittizen - An Open letter to Arvind Kejriwal by CA Mehul Shah to explain the probable Logic behind issuing New 2000 Rupee Note instead of 1000 Rupee Note. Sir, I am a practising Chartered Accountant aged 28 i...

WATCH: When they told her one of her twins died. What happens next? A MIRACLE

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Ferhide - I love medical stories that keep doctors scratching their heads. It’s just proof to all the nonbelievers out there that God is ready and willing to perform miracles for everyday people like us all ...

If you ever wondered what’s inside, but don’t want to cut one open yourself

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Ferhide - WOW!!! When doctor hears a woman scream, watch what the man does While we like all childbirths to be routine and normal, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are crazy childbirth stories out ...

Demonetisation cripples fishing industry in Bengal

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a hindu - By about 4 a.m. all shops – about 170 – were open on both sides of an unkempt asphalt road. The shops that were selling fish at a wholesale rate were chock-a-block by 5 a.m.. But many of them were ...

Kenyans wait in long lines to vote on constitution

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JAY - TIMBOROA, Kenya -- Enthusiastic voters waited for hours Wednesday to cast ballots on a constitution that could spell a new era for Kenya -- curtailing the president's powers and giving citizens a b...

Rs 500, Rs 1,000 ban: Arvind Kejriwal is right, if Sanjeev Kamboj knew of demonetisation, it is a 'scam' - Firstpost - Trust Arvind Kejriwal to ask uncomfortable questions. Always first off the block to seek answers from the government, more specifically from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he has done it again. This...
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Notes ban: 2 died in less than 24 hours while standing in queue to take out cash from ATM

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a hindu - New Delhi: An easy process like withdrawing cash from ATM has claimed lives of two persons in less than 24 hours after the demonetisation by the central government. In a sad incident, an old age ma...

Traders’ body denies calling nationwide strike, seeks audience with Jaitley

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Bhakt - Apex traders' body Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) on Saturday denied that it has called a six-day nationwide strike to oppose the government's move to demonetise high-value currency note...
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To Get Promoted, Get Feedback from Your Critics

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Shankkar Aiyar - Individuals often struggle to know where they need to grow in order to move up to the next level. One of the best strategies for aspiring leaders to rise through the ranks in organizations is to cr...

Popovich y Pau Gasol (15+7+6) se vengan de Harden (25+11+13) | nba |

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AS - Ni un paso atrás. Gregg Popovich tiene muchísimas cualidades, pero una de las más evidentes es su capacidad para ajustar sobre los errores del pasado para apilar triunfos sin importar las circunsta...
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You've never seen anything like it... It looks like a small whirlpool

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Ferhide - Doctor found something shocking in her eyes A Chinese lady had been complaining about itchy and irritated eyes. When a strange secretion came out, she finally went to the doctor. They went to a spe...

12 Factory Rejects That Should Never See The Light Of Day

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Disney - Most of the time, you can expect the products you buy to look and work just like every other one made by that brand. For the better part of a century, each factory has had a specific, standardized ...
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8 Detective Films Which Will Make You Smarter

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Disney - If you're the kind of person who likes to ponder the mysteries of human nature even whilst you're relaxing, watching a detective film might be just the perfect pasttime.  We picked eight of the bes...

This woman lost half of her body, now she looks like

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Mort de Malek Chebel : il était la voix de "l'islam des Lumières" -

Avec Sting, la musique résonne à nouveau au Bataclan -

John Tenney - Occult phenomena researcher 

Teams that get on well together are less creative

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Donald Trump credits social media for US poll win

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Bhakt - The US president-elect Donald Trump has said that social media like Twitter and Facebook played a key role in his historic electoral victory, but he would restrain himself from its frequent use aft...

"On ne donne pas à l’Union européenne les moyens d’agir" -

Donald Trump va-t-il habiter à la Maison Blanche? -

Ce que Trump et Hollande se sont dit -

A l’usage des Français, 10 leçons sur la victoire de Trump

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Nat de Wolf

Ils ont leurs solutions pour rénover l’Europe -

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Modi asks 50 days to weed out 'ill-gotten wealth'; Ramdev lauds demonetisation

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ABP News - New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday made an impassioned plea to the nation to give him just 50 days to weed out ill-gotten wealth in the country. Speaking at a Goa government function...

Demonetisation aimed at changing black money into white, says Kejriwal

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Serpentine queues outside banks, ATMs on Sunday

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How cash logistics firms are working; check out here

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El coleccionistade cumbres

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Diario SPORT - Desde que Robert Fernández se tomó en serio lo de salir en bicicleta, hace más de diez años, su currículum ciclista ha ido creciendo cada año hasta convertirse en una impresionante lista de puertos...

La pasión de Robert Fernández

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El futuro de Coutinho, a debate

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Los jugadores con más ADN Barça de la cantera

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Diario SPORT
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