Monday, November 21, 2016

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The Mainstream Media’s “Fake News” Narrative is Already Beginning to Collapse - The mainstream media’s “fake news” narrative is already beginning to collapse after the author of a blacklist of “fake news websites” removed the list and Quantcast reinstated to its r...

Paul Joseph Watson Blasts The MSM: "You're The F**king Experts Of Fake News"

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Mike M - Paul Joseph Watson is back with another epic rant....this time eviscerating the mainstream media for spreading an obviously biased list of "fake news" sources compiled by a left-wing assistant prof...

It Begins: College Professor Lists Breitbart as 'Fake News' Site - Breitbart

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Karen Sherfick - The list, posted online as a Google doc, is described as “for educational purposes only.” However, Google and Facebook are attempting to restrict advertising on “fake news” websites, which could ef...

Professor who created "fake news" list OUTED as... - Allen B. West -

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CMD - Last week we reported here about the coming war on “fake” news. Google has come out against such “fake” sites, and stated they’ll no longer be able to use AdSense to profit from advertisements once...

Fake news and the election: Why Facebook is polluting the media environment with garbage

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Asma khan - I don’t mean the major media stories that some of you find unfair or exaggerated. I’m talking about made-up-stuff being merchandized for clicks and profits. And since such fare spreads like wildfir...

Fake News Stories 'Outperformed' Real Ones on Facebook in Weeks Before Election: Report

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Ruth Fernandez - According to a new Buzzfeed report, the top stories from fake news sources attracted more engagement on Facebook than the top stories from legitimate news organizations in the weeks leading up to t...
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Snopes says fake news isn't the problem — the media is

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Dawn - The day after the election, news began swirling around social media that New York Times columnist David Brooks had called for President-elect Donald Trump’s assassination. Snopes managing editor Br...
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Often Employees, Rarely CEOs: Challenges Asian-Americans Face In Tech

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Jayme - A new report on diversity in Silicon Valley shows that Asians and Asian-Americans are well-represented in lower-level positions — but, in comparison, severely underrepresented at the management and...
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Fake news on Facebook is a real problem. These college students came up with a fix in 36 hours.

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Kathleen Delano - Anant Goel, Nabanita De, Qinglin Chen and Mark Craft at Princeton’s hackathon (Anant Goel) When Nabanita De scrolled through her Facebook feed recently, she felt afraid. There were so many posts wi...
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