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When the mom sees how her daughter gets a boost to the fountain, she has to take a photo!

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Ferhide - What the police find in this van haunts them in their sleep, so they decided to go public Simply harrowing Ultimate Forever Alone Post These pictures will show you the true definition of Forever Al...

This dog guards his owner's bike, but wait to see what happens at 0:46!

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Ferhide - She has skin tags and removes them with one simple solution Skin tags are very common and harmless skin growths that form due to friction and rubbing. 2 years ago, she lost her dog then the incredi...

Sarkozy: Guaino dénonce « une ivresse de la surpuissance chez certains juges » - Le député UMP Henri Guaino, ancien conseiller de Nicolas Sarkozy à l'Elysée, a dénoncé "une ivresse de la surpuissance, une forme d'irresponsabilité chez certains juges", en réagissant à la validat...

7 Reliable Signs That A Man Likes You

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Disney - To work out what a man thinks of you, you don’t have to ask him straight out or play the guessing game. Just observe his pose. Irrespective of what a person says, their physical gestures can reveal...

A man took these pictures from an airplane. What he saw is unbelievable.

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Ferhide - Lay flat on your stomach. If you hold this position for two minutes, you'll be ready for the beach in no time. Six-pack in just four mins a day! 12 Disney Characters You Probably Forgot Met Horribl...

PLANNED-HACKED.....The Dirty Game Plan of Congress to Sabotage Digital India! - Yesterday, the twitter community of both BJP and Congress turned very active to see the unusual tweets posted on Rahul Gandhi’s account. For a second many people were stun to look at the abusive la...

With little cash in hand post-demonetisation, India cuts down on groceries and toiletries

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Aarti - In the last 20 days, households across India have had to take some tough decisions. They have bought fewer bars of soap and packets of biscuits, and have wavered between choosing butter and cheese....
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String of tactical debacles concerns army

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Gul Panag - “Kill ratio” down, fewer militants killed for each soldier’s life The tactical debacle in Nagrota on Tuesday, in which four militants stormed an army unit and killed seven soldiers, is the latest e...

Turkey’s Gamble in Iraq with Turkmen Trump Card

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WestAsia-Focus - Alwaght- The Turkmens in Iraq put their population’s number at about 2 million, nearly 8 percent of the total Iraqi population. However, the population figures released by them are questioned and d...
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Cabinet clears Mumbai Urban Transport Project Phase-III

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Suresh Prabhu - A nasty joke, on the net, asked the question: ‘What is the difference between a lawyer and a leech?’ Said it had something to do with Draculan haemel-imbibing practices. Two out of three, maybe 99 ...

Journée sur l’islam : Guaino s’insurge contre des « autruches » - Le député Henri Guaino (Les Républicains, ex-UMP), organisateur avec Gérald Darmanin d’une journée de travail de ce parti sur l’islam, s’est insurgé contre une « coalition des grandes consciences e...
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Sentido homenaje desde Colombia al Chapecoense - SPORTYOU - La cita en el Atanasio Girardot era a las 18:45 (hora local), para reemplazar lo que habría sido el partido de ida de la final de la Copa Sudamericana, por un homenaje póstumo a las víctimas del ac...

Inside Italy’s ultras: the dangerous fans who control the game | Tobias Jones

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The Guardian - On 7 July this year, Raffaello Bucci’s body was found at the bottom of the so-called “viaduct of suicides”. Just a day before, he had been interviewed by police investigating links between football...
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How Thousands of Children in Indian Slums Are Learning through Colourful Storybooks

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Nisha - Katha, an NGO based in Delhi, has been educating kids in slums and publishing books for them since 1988. “I have loved stories since childhood,” says Geeta Dharmarajan, children’s writer, editor, s...

Mom's scared son with autism eats lunch alone everyday. Then college football star joins him

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This is crazy! 7,000 matches into a birthday cake

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Cape Town with Kids - Our Globetrotters

Garnet Schulhauser - Astral Travel - The Malliard Report

24 Hour Open Distance update - Chris Bertish

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Rich Simmonds
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319 HIV cases reported in first 10 months of 2016 - SINGAPORE: There were 319 new cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections reported among Singapore residents in the first 10 months of the year, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Thur...

WHO proposes HIV self-test with kit, India to study move - Times of India

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Times of India

Elton John charity to fund HIV testing - BBC News

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BBC News (UK)
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Stuff Nawaz Sharif and Donald Trump can do together now that they're basically besties

Shared by - Last night Pakistan's information ministry released notes from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's very first telephonic conversation with America's President Elect Donald Trump. The notes reveal Donald ...

Pakistan to attend Heart of Asia Conference ‘despite Indian negativity’: FO | SAMAA TV

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Surprising readout of PM’s call with Trump draws reaction on Twitter | SAMAA TV

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