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We are all accountable

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Vidyut - There has been lot of discussion around demonetisation in the newspapers and social media. The move is being criticised for poor implementationn and the government is being blamed for its failure. ...

6 Tools to Help Create Video Content for Your Business - Video was huge in 2016 - whether it was live-streamed or not - and all signs point towards an even bigger year for video in 2017. Video creation is now easier than ever, with tools popping up left ...

Sahara gets immunity, tax panel accepts its claim that seized papers not evidence

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Rohan - IN what could be one of the quickest orders passed by the Income Tax Settlement Commission (ITSC), Sahara India has been granted immunity from prosecution and penalty following raids conducted on N...

13 Impressive Psychology Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Disney - 13 Impressive Psychology Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier Every human being is a unique universe, but psychologists who have a keen eye for details keep discovering new behavioral patterns th...

Shiv Sena sharpens attack on Centre, says "worst in 10,000 years" - In a stinging attack on the NDA Government over demonetisation, key ally Shiv Sena on Friday described it as the “worst regime in 10,000 years” and said the BJP leaders are living in fool’s paradis...

Kerala men attack political rival, throw his 10-month-old baby out of car

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Bhakt - A 10-month-old infant in Kerala’s Malappuram district became a victim of political rivalry on Tuesday. This after CPI(M) workers allegedly attacked the baby’s father, a BJP member. Baby Kashinath’s...

Assad’s Newest War Tactic: Dehydration - Wadi Barada, Damascus, was once an area known for summer picnics, cool breezes and popular cafes. As a born Damascene, I went there regularly during the summer to attain relief from the scorching h...
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No demonetisation impact on FCI, rice procurement soars 17%

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Bhakt - Demonetisation has not adversely impacted the rice procurement drive by the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and affiliated state government agencies so far. The rice equivalent of paddy procurement...

Claims of Rajasthan village becoming 'cashless' busted

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Manish Sisodia - Rajasthan’s Naya Gav had claimed to become one of the first cashless villages in India. This was announced in a specially organised event in December. Three weeks on, the ground reality of the vill...
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Taco Shop Owner Saw Homeless Freezing Outside, Inspires Customers To Give Back On Their Lunch Break.

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Disney - Dallas, TX isn’t necessarily known for it’s charity. The metropolitan city, which I happen to call home, is flashy in every aspect of the word. It’s the unfortunate truth that few care for the city...

Bharat Ratna for Jayalalithaa: Madras HC trashes plea, says won't dictate Central government - Times of India

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TOI India - CHENNAI: The Madras High Court today rejected the petition seeking Bharat Ratna for the late former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. The High Court Bench comprising Chief Justice Sanjay Kish...
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Paying Attention To This ONE Thing Can Tell You If Someone's Lying

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Disney - Trusting your gut when it comes to being able to tell if someone’s lying is something we’ve all heard before, but trusting your nose? That’s something new. Lie detection is usually done with a poly...

The Ultimate GIF Guide for Social Media Marketers - A ferris wheel. An Olympic athlete. Your content. Some things are just better in motion. Words and photos are great for telling stories but it’s sometimes difficult to find exactly the right ones t...
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Just 10 heartbreaking fan tributes to Carrie Fisher - InqPOP!

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Inquirer - 2016 has left the Star Wars fandom mourning for the passing of Carrie Fisher, the witty actress, writer, and advocate who played the character of Princess Leia. Some of her close friends and family...

Bollywood is shocked by the sudden demise of Om Puri

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14 Steve Jobs Quotes That Offered Great Advice For Entrepreneurs

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StartUp Britain

'Hidden Figures' Explores NASA and Civil Rights History

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With Mysteries, Knut Hamsun rewrote the novel's rules

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Guardian news

How Michelle Obama expanded the definition of a First Lady | Margo Jefferson

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Guardian news
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Meet John Knoll, the F/X Genius Behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Warren Whitlock - Slide: 1 / of 18 Caption: Caption: They may look like scruffy nerfherders but you do not want to mess with the Rebel posse. Jonathan Olley & Leah Evans/© 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. ht...

Facebook’s Stumbles Expose Flaws in Its Plan to Rule Advertising

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Warren Whitlock

What the story of ATMs and bank tellers reveals about the 'rise of the robots' and jobs

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Warren Whitlock
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Business Quotes that Will Inspire You to Take That Risk

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Jennifer Kelly - Are you thinking about starting a new business in a new industry? How about resigning from your job to change careers? Maybe you’re considering selling your business and taking on a smaller role in...

No "BS" Facts about Starting a Home Business

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