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“Post Demonetisation Budget: A PIF Roundtable” scheduled on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 2:00 pm in the Lecture Room II, Basement, India International Centre Annexe, Lodi Road, New Delhi.

The registration would begin at 2.00 pm on January 10, 2017. All guests are requested to be seated in the Hall by 2.25 pm.


2:00 pm onwards
2:30 – 2:35 pm
Welcome Remarks
Ms. Nirupama Soundararajan, Senior Fellow, Pahle India Foundation
2:35 – 2:45 pm
Opening Remarks
Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Founding Director, Pahle India Foundation
2:45 – 4:00 pm
Panel Discussion

  • Mr. Mihir Sharma, Business Standard
  • Mr. Sanjaya Baru, Centre for Policy Research
  • Dr. Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, IDF
  • Dr. Surjit Bhalla, The Observatory Group

Moderator: Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Pahle India Foundation
4:00 – 4:30 pm
Questions and Answers
4:30 – 5:00 pm
Concluding Remarks
5:00 pm onwards
High Tea

For any clarifications, you may please contact Mr. Anil Kumar, Pahle India Foundation Mob: +91-88264 08889, email:   

We look forward to welcoming you at the Roundtable.

Best regards,

Rajiv Kumar
Founder Director
Pahle India Foundation
C4/54 First Floor
Safdarjung Development Area
New Delhi – 110016
+91 11 41551498
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 Karnataka men pull off upset against Punjab on action packed Day 2
Puducherry, 8th January 2017: The second day of the 67th Senior National Basketball Championship saw most of the heavyweights registering easy wins. The Chhattisgarh and Railways women’s teams blew past their opponents Punjab and Maharashtra respectively. Chhattisgarh’s 6’11’’ centre Poonam Chaturvedi scored a day-high 40 points.

Rajasthan women got the better of West Bengal with a 83-65 victory, led by Kamlesh’s 35 points. Jammu and Kashmir and Chandigarh women also had a good outing today with comfortable wins against Tripura and Bihar respectively.
In the men’s Level 1 games, the Karnataka men pulled off an upset against last year’s semi-finalist Punjab. Karnataka’s India players Anil Kumar (30 points) and Arvind Arumugam (28 points) were the difference makers giving their team the offensive boost to edge past Punjab (83-79). Heavyweights Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand had an easy day with blowout wins against Chhattisgarh and Gujarat respectively. Uttarakhand centre and India superstar Amritpal Singh top scored for his team with 30 points.

In Level 2 men’s games, Sikkim made a re-appearance in the senior nationals after a long gap, but fell to the Delhi men’s team (78-20). Uttar Pradesh men emerged victorious against Arunachal Pradesh (59-25) while Rajasthan men steamrolled Goa with 65-34 win. Odisha men made heads turn with their play today, winning both their games today against Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra. The game against Maharashtra went down to the wire as Odisha withheld a furious comeback attempt from the Maharashtra men in the fourth quarter. Odisha ended up pulling off a one-point win (76-75) with SS Behera top scoring with 28 points.

Results from 8th January 2017 till 7 pm

Level 1:
Group A:
1.       Railways (Anitha Paul Durai 19, Sitamani Tudu 13) bt Maharashtra (Shireen Limaye 13) 67-21 (16-13, 18-2, 21-4, 12-2)
2.       Chhattisgarh (Poonam Chaturvedi 40, Sharanjeet Kaur 20, Gulabsha Ali 14) bt Punjab (Gauri 7) 95-26 (33-4, 23-10, 21-4, 18-8)
Group B:
1.       Rajasthan (Kamlesh T. 35, Nisha Sharma 14) bt West Bengal (Poushali Datta 21, Rupkatha Chatterjee 13, Poulami Chatterjee 11) 83-65 (13-21, 17-16, 24-14, 29-14)
Level 2:
Group E:
1.       Jammu and Kashmir (Pearl 24) bt Tripura (Anamika 8) 37-15 (13-7, 7-3, 3-2, 14-3)
2.       Chandigarh (Yogitha 16, Kirti 9) bt Bihar (Ritika 6) 38-10 (6-4, 13-0, 9-3, 10-3)
Level 1:
Group A:
1.       Karnataka (Anil Kumar 30, Arvind Arumugam 28, Karthickeyan 11) bt Punjab (R Singh 28, G Singh 21, Arshpreet Bhullar 12) 83-79 (19-15, 16-24, 25-19, 23-21)
Group B:
1.       Tamil Nadu (Vineeth Revi Mathew 19, Rikin Pethani 14) bt Chhattisgarh (Rudrak SM 20) 90-39 (29-16, 23-6, 19-9, 19-8)
2.       Uttarakhand (Amritpal Singh 30, Vishesh Bhriguvanshi 17) bt Gujarat (D Pulva 13, Sy. Shake 11) 98-50 (36-17, 24-9, 24-15, 14-9)
Level 2:
Group C:
1.       Rajasthan (Vinod Kumar 13, Sharad 11, Bharat Deep 10) bt Goa (Roger Fernandes 4, Shielton Messias 4) 65-34 (18-8, 14-3, 18-7, 15-16)
2.       Delhi (Mohit 15, Sachin 12, Sukrit 12) bt Sikkim (Abhisha Tyagi 10) 78-20 (30-9, 11-1, 25-3, 12-7)
Group D:
1.       Himachal Pradesh (Aman 15, Sushant 12, Santosh 10) bt Bihar (Sanjeev Kumar 14, Manvendra Kumar 14) 56-43 (10-8, 14-8, 17-11, 15-16)
Group E:
1.       Odisha (Ashok Nayak 20, K Sravan Kumar 18) bt Jammu & Kashmir (Ranbir Singh 18, Amanjot Singh 15) 72-61 (21-11, 22-13, 14-9, 15-28)
2.       Uttar Pradesh (Lav Singh 17, Aman Choudhary 14, Bhagyansh Gulati 10) bt Arunachal Pradesh (Mohit Chauhan 10) 59-25 (18-8, 18-6, 12-7, 11-4)
3.       Odisha (SS Behera 28, AK Nayak 20, Sahid Khan 12, K. Sarvan Kumar 10) bt Maharashtra (Sanket K 26, Nikhil Atre 18) 76-75 (23-14, 27-15, 10-15, 16-31)

Results from 7th January 2017

Level 1:
Group B:
1.       Kerala (Jeena PS 16, Elizabeth 12) bt West Bengal (Paulami 5, Neha 5) 66-21 (18-5, 18-5, 14-5, 16-6)
Level 2:
Group C:
1.       Karnataka (Bhandavya HM 28, Priyanka 15) bt Gujarat (Aarti 15, Nidhi 7) 66-32 (16-14, 26-03, 14-8, 10-12)
Group F:
1.       Odisha (J Bakshy 23, S Panda 18) bt Puducherry (Manjula 9) 61-24 (25-8, 21-5, 9-9, 6-2)
Level 1:
Group A:
1.       Karnataka (Anil Kumar BK 29, Arvind A 17, Navin Raj 16) bt Kerala (Akhil AR 23, Ashin Xavior 20) 72-68 (20-15, 10-20, 22-15, 20-18)
Group B:
1.       Gujarat (Harpal Singh 23, Dhval Ulva 15, Kasi Rajan 11) bt Chhattisgarh (Rudraksu 25, P Rajesh 12) 57-51 (19-14, 15-11, 8-14, 15-12)
Level 2:
Group D:
1.       Puducherry (Poovanna 19, Achuthan 11) bt Telangana (PV Nikhil Sai Kumar 17, H Muthu Kumar 15) 62-58 (22-5, 15-17, 17-20, 8-16)
Group E:
1.       Maharashtra (Karthik 18, Shubham17) bt Jammu & Kashmir (Ranbir 10) 73-51 (22-15, 20-17, 17-12, 14-7)
Group F:
1.       West Bengal (Manpreet 20, Amrit Singh 12) bt Jharkhand (Sukdeep Singh 11, Arshad Khan 7) 63-31 (22-11, 24-6, 16-7, 1-7)

About the 67th Senior National Basketball Championship 2017

The championship is being held 7th to 14th January. 27 men’s teams and 25 women’s teams have confirmed their participation.

The championship is being organised by the Puducherry Basketball Association under the aegis of the Basketball Federation of India.

Matches are being simultaneously held on four different courts: the indoor and outdoor courts of the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium complex (Courts 1 & 2), and the two courts at the Petit Seminare School.

Defending champions Railways women will be the team to watch out for as it rekindles its rivalry with previous winners Chhattisgarh. In the men’s section, traditional powerhouses Services, Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu will be vying for top honours.

29 international players from across the country will be adding their experience to the fray.

Relevant Links for further information

About Basketball Federation of India

The Basketball Federation of India or BFI is the governing and controlling body of basketball in India, and is responsible for the development and promotion of the sport at all levels. BFI has been involved in conducting camps, clinics, events, and training sessions at its academies for the development of basketball. BFI came into being in 1935 and took complete control over Indian basketball in 1950. Prior to that time, the Indian Olympic Association handled the conduct of Indian basketball championships. Since 1950, the BFI has been conducting various such championships, from the grassroots to senior team participation in international tournaments. In addition, the BFI has been responsible for the establishment of strong sub-junior and junior level programs. The BFI has to its credit produced several international players of repute, among them 17 have been bestowed with the honour of Arjuna Awards. Earlier in June 2015, 19-year-old Satnam Singh Bhamara made history by becoming the first Indian national to be drafted by an NBA team, when he was selected by the Dallas Mavericks. More information at


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