Wednesday, May 4, 2011

UN declared Burma,," the most vulnerable country category"

UN meets to debate on Least Developed Countries in Istanbul, Turkey
A decade after the establishment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), the United Nations has convene a meeting on what can be done to assist the 49 ‘most vulnerable’ countries including Burma in their continued struggles to meet MDG benchmarks.This forum is part of a five-day series of meetings on Least Developed Countries (LDC) to be held the second week of May in Istanbul, Turkey. UN declared Burma,is in the ‘most vulnerable’ country category,a LDC in 1987. The designation followed the Burmese government’s claim, in a bid to earn LDC status and corresponding trade and development benefits, that only 20 per cent of the population was literate. Today Burma’s literacy rate is estimated at 90 per cent, and in 1987 was believed to be around 80 per cent.Millennium Development Goals are classified into eight sections: poverty alleviation, universal primary education, gender equality, reduction of infant mortality, improved maternal health, eradication of disease, environmental sustainability and development. Targets were set for achieving the goals by 2015.
Burma has a per capita gross domestic product (using the method of Purchasing Power Parity) of US$ 1,100, with a third of the country estimated to exist below the poverty line, according to CIA data. Additional country statistics reveal nine years of expected education, an infant mortality rate of 49.23 per 1,000 births and a high degree of danger from infectious diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Delegates in Turkey are expected to discuss the promotion of agricultural development in LDCs, the strengthening of access to export markets, enhanced infrastructure as well as universal access to services targeting the achievement of MDGs.

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