Sunday, November 6, 2016

12th Plan 94.22% Gen Cap Add Thermal  
November05, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh

At 4PM today I noticed unusually high SMOG which thickened to a point that it was Difficult to Breathe In Open by 6PM @ 9PM Even Inside Homes is SMOGGY.

But fact of the matter is that India Has Added 88,928 MW of Generation Capacity but in this 83,788 MW is Thermal Power Capacity or 94.22% in 12th Five Year Plan. In 11th Plan Capacity Additions of 54964 MW Thermal Generation contributed 48,540 MW or 88.31%. 

Out of 213,288 MW Thermal Generation Capacity Today
132,328 MW [62%] Was Added in 9.5 Years,
40% in Last 4.5 Years Alone, No Paddy Straw Growth 0% 

Generation Capacity Additions 12th Plan Upto September2016 in MW
(-) 62.01%
(-) 81.13

Last FY2016 Thermal Power Plants BURNT 546 Million Tones Of Coal Which is About 60% Carbon – Is No Concern of Green Tribunal But Has Called Heads of Pollution Control Departments in Latest Order. Horrible 38% Growth in Sales of Petroleum Guzzling SUVs in 12 Months is No Concern of NGT.

NGT ‘Let the Status report be filed by 08th November, 2016. All the concerned States shall place on record the action taken in furtherance to the order of the Tribunal in relation to prohibition on burning of agricultural residue.’ 

IRRI has developed Technologies to Utilize Paddy Straw But Ministry Of Agriculture Had Failed to Implement it – Support Clean Paddy Straw Disposal. 
I Have Been CRITICAL of NGT Twice Today in view of Bad Air and Because –

1.   NGT Didn’t Admit My PIL for Procedural Reasons last year – Like Fees & Format etc. 

2.   NGT has Summoned Few Environment Secretaries of States – When Everything is CENTRAL POLICY MATTER. 

3.   Ministries of P&NG, Agriculture, Industry, Power, Water & Irrigation, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Transport, Railways, Civil Aviation, S&T etc are Directly Responsible for Rising Pollution to Critical Level, Are Kept Out. 

4.   Sunita Narayan & Manoj Mishra like Extreme Dullards have Hijacked NGT. 

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