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'We are the loose cannons': As Times Now turns ten, Arnab Goswami explains what makes his channel tick

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dubash - As India’s most watched and debated news channel completes a decade on Sunday, channel head and face of the popular Newshour programme Arnab Goswami takes some questions on the Times Now brand of j...

Why you need to read, and how to do it efficiently – The Startup

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Lucas Gruwez - There are strategies you can use to carve out quality nose-to-book time. After reading the equivalent of 45 books over the past year, I’ve learned how to read efficiently and still accomplish my go...

水曜WILLERでGO!|高速バス/夜行バス予約|WILLER TRAVEL - 3周年スペシャル! 第4弾! 全国22路線を特別価格で提供! (2016/11/2(水)更新) 4週にわたって開催してきた水曜WILLERでGO!の3周年記念キャンペーンもいよいよラスト! ご好評につき、第1弾に続いて第4弾でも全22路線をお得な価格で販売します! 路線 出発期間(ご乗車期間) シートタイプ 料金(片道)   東京・川崎・千葉 ⇔ 大阪・京都・神戸・滋賀・和歌山 2016/1...

Fake story about Obamas, Hillary Clinton ensnares Sean Hannity

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Mindpollution - Hannity used the made-up news to claim that President Obama's legacy might be "jail." The deleted-tweets claim could have been disproven by a quick Twitter search. Later in the day, Hannity tweeted...

The rise and rise of fake news - BBC News - The deliberate making up of news stories to fool or entertain is nothing new. But the arrival of social media has meant real and fictional stories are now presented in such a similar way that it ca...


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Dear N.K, Over the past few weeks and months,March 2, 2017 Dear N.K, Over the past few weeks and months, we’ve been hard at work in inviting major rail operators to share their success stories at the Rail Power World Congress 2017. I would like to share with you the progress of the premium conferences. We’ve confirmed amazing names like Auckland Transport, Network Rail, RTA Dubai, SNCF, Wiener Linien and more. If you provide energy or power solutions to rail operators and would like to speak alongside senior rail executives, this is the right platform for you. Last 2 speaking slots left in the Rail Power World Congress track for solutions providers
AirAsia launches Travel & Service Centre in MaldivesMay 22, 2016
AirAsia launches Travel & Service Centre in Maldives Exclusive promotion available only at Maldives ATSC with 20% discount to selected AirAsia & AirAsia X destinations

MALE, 22 MAY 2016 – AirAsia strengthened its presence in the paradise islands of Maldives with the launch of the first AirAsia Travel & Service Centre (ATSC) today, which is operated by All H Maldives Private Limited.
The centre was officiated by Honourable Mr Moosa Zameer, Minister of Tourism Maldives; Mr Hussain Jaleel, CEO of Civil Aviation Maldives; Mr Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed, Commissioner General of Customs Maldives; Mr Adil Moosa, Managing Director of Maldives Airports Company; Mr Abdullah Rasheed, Director Air Transport Maldives Civil Aviation Authority along with Ms Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Berhad.
In conjunction with the launch of this ATSC, AirAsia is offering an exclusive promotion with 20% discount off selected AirAsia and AirAsia …