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Lowering the status of the armed forces will affect their morale - The relationship between the armed forces and civilian bureaucrats in the defence ministry has not been satisfactory for many years. One reason for this is the status of superiority of the civilian...

These pictures guarantee you to be happy

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Ferhide - Is there a science behind why cats sit on things they don't belong on? The favorite relative AND friend of the hordes of internet shut-ins everywhere. Mom wants to stop dumb comments about her baby...

This mom wants a girl's weekend and the post she wrote to her husband is hilarious

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Ferhide - Meghan Oeser from the USA loves her husband and children more than anything, but she's still thrilled when she gets the chance to head off for a long weekend with a few of her girlfriends. Even tho...

Doctors tell her the result of her blood test. She never expected to learn THIS

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Ferhide - 67 complete strangers from all around the world got together to discover what their respective heritages are. Most of them were confident that they knew where their families are from, and they took...

GST: Industry Caught Woefully Unprepared By The Pace Of Political Executive - Suddenly the roles are reversed. Instead of the government, it is the industry or rather large chunks of it, which seem unprepared for the switch over to the Goods and Services Tax regime from 1 Ap...

20 Prisons Everyone Wants To Avoid In Their Lifetime

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Disney - Prison is already a pretty scary place, so finding out there are some out there across the world that are even worse than a general prison is pretty terrifying. Most people don’t think twice about ...

88 US Generals Stand Together Against Hillary Clinton In One Massive Act Of Defiance

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Bhakt - By now, it should come as no surprise that the liberal and mainstream media try to represent Donald Trump as an inherently evil person and portray Hillary as the prototypical leader. But, a lot of ...
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Why Face-to-Face Training is Better Than Online - Social-Hire - An issue faced by many businesses is whether the Continual Professional Development (CPD) training they do is better online or through face to face coaching. Many are swayed by the potential for lo...

Adamson bolsters Final Four bid, snaps FEU streak

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Inquirer - Adamson weathered a late Far Eastern University storm to win, 61-59, Sunday in the UAAP Season 79 men’s basketball tournament at Filoil Flying V Centre in San Juan. Sean Manganti and Jonathan Espel...
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He disappeared into the bathroom with car wax. I was stunned when I saw it two days later!

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Ferhide - Car wax is a real all-rounder: whether dealing with a scratched windshield or car paint, spots and scrapes will be gone before you know it after a good wax treatment. Wax prevents rusting as well s...

She makes firstly this with cardboard boxes, but why is genius

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Ferhide - This is an amazing homemade structure made from old cardboard boxes. Rodessa is the name of the clever mom who thought this project up. All you need is a few cardboard boxes in different sizes. The...
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On stage there are 3 little girls, but wait the girl on middle until turns around

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Ferhide - Photoshop gods on work, these photos will amaze you Ability to handle photos in Photoshop now, nobody will be surprised, but the knowledge of all the subtleties and possession of perfection is anot...

When doctors saw the baby, they drew in their breath, looked like 80 year old

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Ferhide - She poses for the perfect photo. But her boyfriend looks her leg and sees... At an age where teens are going through so many changes to their bodies, they try to fit in and find their place. From f...
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Palace calls Pacquiao 'a national treasure'

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ABS-CBN News - MANILA - Malacanang on Sunday praised Senator Manny Pacquiao for his decisive victory against Jessie Vargas, making him the first active senator to win a world boxing championship. In a statement, ...

Analyst: Vargas's best not enough to beat Pacquiao

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Pride and honor: PH officials, military jubilant over Pacquiao victory

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Arum blasts judges for Donaire, Pacquiao scores

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Palace links Pacquiao, Donaire show of grit to war on drugs

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Senators laud Pacquiao for bringing honor to PH

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David Paulides - Missing 411 - The Malliard Report - Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | Google Play | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS National parks are beautiful and amazing places that draw millions of visitors each year. Stretching from coast to coast,...

Joe Gisondi - Bigfoot Researcher - The Malliard Report

Dennis Stone - Megalith Structure - The Malliard Report

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